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International court orders 16 countries to ignore their laws and allow homosexual ‘marriage’

PREFACE There is a prevailing erroneous belief that fascism is a right-wing by-product and never rises out of liberalism or left-wing political beliefs and practices. This is part of the great deception and ongoing propaganda. The fascist left likes to use the quote of a mediocre worldly writer, Sinclair Lewis that; “When fascism comes to […]

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Did you know this was in Noah Webster’s Dictionary…

  American Minute with Bill Federer Did you know this was in Noah Webster’s Dictionary… Noah Webster first published his American Dictionary of the English Language on APRIL 14, 1828. In order to evaluate the etymology of words, he learned 26 languages, including Old English, German, Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, and Sanskrit. […]

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Even When We Fall + 5

     “The man on the street never heard of existentialism, for instance, and couldn’t care less. It’s about time we quit answering questions nobody is asking and spoke to the plain needs of human hearts.” ~ Vance Havner   Resting and Rousing By Vance Havner   I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 Rise, […]

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The Walking Blind & Dead

In this Edition: Israel Supplants US As World’s Largest Jewish Population Center, Passing Symbolic 6 Million Figure (VIDEO) 77% of Americans Think Morality Is on the Decline – and One in Three Think the Bible Is the Answer Lutherans Offer Warm Welcome to Homosexual & Lesbian Pastors Homosexual & Lesbian Catholics Praise “Warm” Pastoral Letter from Bishops […]

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Throw Another Body on the Fire…

      Burning deceased humans will produce electricity Turbines at crematorium will convert heat into as much as 150 kilowatt-hours per corpse   By Natalie Wolchover   In Durham, England, corpses will soon be used to generate electricity. A crematorium is installing turbines in its burners that will convert waste heat from the combustion […]

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The Mother of Invention

      ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: For more information regarding the following article please read the December 7th, 2011 edition of “History 101” here on “A Crooked Path.” While the Palestinians were not invented out of thin air as some people might misinterpret from how they think of invented things, the Palestinians as we know them […]

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