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For that that is determined shall be done – Daniel 11

In this Edition: Atheists Like What They See In Pope Francis’ New Openness Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform Homeland Security Funded exercise Portrayed Homeschoolers as Terrorists (VIDEO) Evangelicals for Hamas! Russia staffs Mediterranean fleet. Turkey weighs payback for Syrian bombings Larger portion of Canadians denying religious affiliation Lebanese man gets 300 […]

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Can You Face REAL News & Information?

  In this Edition: Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith ESPN Apologizes for Commentator’s Christian Worldview on Homosexuality Where Do Muslims Really Stand on Shariah Law? Global Study Provides Fascinating Revelations U.S. delivers strong warning to Israel 20 Signs That The Next Great Economic Depression Has Already Started In Europe Transhumanism Advances: […]

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Forsaking teaching the children well & right

In this Edition: Lesbian Mary, mother of God! The crisis in education The suicide of self-government Shameless liberal exploitation of Boston Marathon bombing         BRAVE NEW SCHOOLS Lesbian Mary, mother of God! Public school performs ‘gay’ play mocking Bible, laughing at  bestiality By Drew  Zahn WND A public charter school in Massachusetts […]

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The Center of the World is Not Me, or You…

In this Edition: Holocaust Remembrance Day 2013: How to Say ‘Never Again’ and Mean It I Believe With Perfect Faith… Anonymous hackers declare assault on Israel (VIDEO) Crowning Erdogan as the New King of Islamists Staggering Numbers of Women Converting to Islam How Iran Could Get The Bomb Overnight Egyptian Muslim Scholar: Christians Disgust Me […]

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The View From Here

In this Edition: Possible Muslim Approval of Third Temple Construction Rise of Islam fuels Christian persecution Department of Homeland Security to Buy 360,000 More Rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers Only 57 Churches Left in Iraq; From 300 in 2003 Allah Finds a […]

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Refusing to Turn to God Most Fall Prey to the World’s Paralyzing Evil

In this Edition: UK Government Source: Teachers May Face Firing for Refusing to Teach Homosexual & Lesbian  Marriage Massive number of U.S. cities abandon Bible FIRST-PERSON: The sad transformation of the Boy Scouts of America The West’s Shameful Demonization of Israel CAIR Director Calls for Death Penalty for Blasphemers Against Islam Texas Episcopal Church May […]

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Stand! With God, with Christ, with the Word of God, with the truth, with Israel : KEEP STANDING!

In this Edition: Luis Leon, Episcopal Priest, Will Deliver Obama’s Inauguration Benediction, Replacing Louie Giglio Totally, Unequivocally Hagel Vindicated Bachmann Under Attack Are Guns the Problem? Behind the ‘Democracy Initiative’ Stop the witch hunt against Representative Michele Bachmann Death penalty for holding Bible? The Palestinian Authority’s Inconvenient Truths The Islamization of France in 2012   […]

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Can you dig it?

  In this Edition: Archeologists dig up 3,000-year-old temple at Motza Fathers disappear from households across  America ‘Brighter than a full moon’: The biggest star of 2013… could be Ison – the comet of the century It’s Official: Muslim Population of Britain Doubles The Islamization of Germany in 2012 Egypt Gets a New Constitution   […]

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