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ACLU Asserts Police Department Is Violating Constitution by Posting Scripture to Social Media

  PREFACE It is a sad and greatly troubling irony an organization founded upon and stating its sole purpose is the protection of civil liberties is now hell bent on erasing any and all things Christian from America. The American Civil Liberties Union is anything but a civil liberties protector for Bible believing people in […]

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Our Government Depends on the Resurrection: By Jake MacAulay (VIDEO)

  Preface: Contrary to the abundance of misinformation and ignorance which is the substance building our principals and foundations of this current age, the installing of “separation of church and state” in our founding documents written by our Founding Fathers HAD, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH REMOVING GOD, CHRIST, THE HOLY SPIRIT, OR THE HOLY […]

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Separation of Church & State

    ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: (Scroll below my brief comments after reading them to learn more) I do not have advertising on this website as almost every other website does. I do not do this to profit. I do not push or sell or constantly hammer over the head of visitors buy this, go to the store […]

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America, Be Ashamed of Ourselves, Be Very Ashamed! : SPECIAL EDITION

America, Be Ashamed of Ourselves, Be Very Ashamed!: SPECIAL EDITION In This Edition: Ken’s (Administrator) Notes Biden to skip Netanyahu’s speech before Congress President Obama: Hands Off Israel’s Elections The Inside Story of U.S. Meddling in Israel’s Elections Obama’s shocking interference into Israel’s election process Obama: Christianity No Different From the Islamic State (VIDEO) Obama […]

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