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The Cross And The Christian

PREFACE All Scripture references from the King James Version holy Bible   For far too many professing to be Christian Christianity begins and ends at the cross. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ the Lord. They wear it upon their necks like a millstone vainly imagining a graven image assures them a place in heaven. Without […]

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The Apostasy — Can you be a Christian if you don’t believe in the resurrection?

    ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE — When you read the following article, and then read what a so-called “Christian preacher” posted on Facebook I want you to tell me with truth and conviction the end is not at hand, that we are not in the Great Falling Away, and soon the antichrist will be made known […]

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Resurrection Power

    Resurrection Power By A.W. Tozer   Let us be confident, Christian brethren, that our power does not lay in the manger at Bethlehem nor in the relics of the cross. True spiritual power resides in the victory of the mighty, resurrected Lord of glory, who could pronounce after spoiling death: “All power is […]

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