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2nd Largest Advertiser Demands Google, Facebook Censor the Internet

  2nd Largest Advertiser Demands Google, Facebook Censor the Internet February 12, 2018 By Daniel Greenfield Reprinted from: FrontPageMag.com     The left threw an epic tantrum over Net Neutrality. Its outlets pretended that its loss would kill freedom on the internet. Of course it wouldn’t. It might, at worst, mean paying a little more […]

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Russia Preparing for War?

Russia Preparing for War? Reprinted from: AlertsUSA.com While the U.S. mainstream media is working around the clock attempting to shape the outcome of the presidential election, minimal coverage is being paid to war preparations in Russia. Consider the following: Russian television warns of nuclear war amid US tensions Russia launches massive nuclear war training exercise […]

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Why Some People Will Always Bow to Tyrants

  ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: The following holds no Scripture, no reference to the inerrant Word of God, but I include it as another thread comprising the fabric of the modern-day tattered and rotted American landscape. The world landscape. There are a multitude of news articles, postings, and articles here on A Crooked Path, along with columns […]

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Getting These Most Important Matters Right

  Getting These Most Important Matters Right   by Ken Pullen Wednesday, May 21st, 2014   Though it may appear there is little difference in getting something almost right and getting that same thing truly right the differences can be as vast as darkness and light. And getting spiritual matters of God and His Word […]

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Righteous Doctrinal Emphases

    The Easter Emphasis   A.W. Tozer   At the risk of sounding more than slightly repetitious, I want to urge again that we Christians look to our doctrinal emphases.   If we would know the power of truth we must emphasize it. Creedal truth is coal lying inert in the depths of the […]

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