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Not Just “An Absurd Murder,” Pope Francis

  85-year old priest Jacques Hamel Not Just “An Absurd Murder,” Pope Francis by Lawrence A. Franklin July 27, 2016 Reprinted from: Gatestone Institute https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/8561/france-chuch-martyrdom-pope Jesus warned his Apostles that men of faith would kill them, thinking they had done God a favor. Pope Francis, in the Vatican, referred to this killing as “an absurd […]

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300 denominations meet for ecumenical gathering in Munich

The Apostasy — The Swiftly Approaching One World Religion 300 denominations meet for ecumenical gathering in Munich James Macintyre 05 July 2016 Reprinted from: Christianity Today Reuters German Cardinal Walter Kasper, who attended the ecumenical gathering in Munich Some 1,700 Christians from around 300 denominations have met in Munich for a ‘Together in Europe’ gathering […]

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The One World Religion Cometh: Pope Francis Warmly Welcomes Top Islamic Cleric To The Vatican — By Michael Snyder

  “When the false teaching church of Rome aligns with the false teaching Islam that united evil will work to exterminate and push out all TRUE Christian teachings, faith, and believers. And then the Jews will be next. And do not deceive yourselves, or allow yourselves to be deceived; the evil church of Rome is […]

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