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Roiling, boiling human stew bubbling over

In this edition: Abbas Confirms U.N. Bid for November 29 New EU Currency to Show Woman Who Rides The Beast Genetically Modified Humans? Drug to fix faulty DNA gets go-ahead in landmark move that may alter medicine forever “Belgium Will Become an Islamic State” FBI to Honor CAIR-Linked Group Chicago Teachers Strategize on How to […]

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Hear the Truth Amid All the Noise

  The Real Face of Islam Exposed…This is Not Merely “Radical Fringe” This is the True Core of Islam:   Nigeria: Gunmen Kill 21 Attending Worship Services At University Campus, Church In Kano (VIDEO) By SALISU RABIU and JON GAMBRELL 04/29/12    Follow: Nigeria, Video, Abubakar Jibril, Bayero University, Gombe State University, Ibrahim Idris, Nigerian […]

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We interupt your Prozac high to bring you reality…

      Crisis Unfolds in Iraq 9:30 AM, Dec 19, 2011 • By FREDERICK W. KAGAN and KIMBERLY KAGAN     <iframe src=”http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/noscript?k=6LeVkb8SAAAAAG-DhtmUiifl3KB83AUDkfL6Q2Qp” height=”300″ width=”500″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><br/> <textarea name=”recaptcha_challenge_field” rows=”3″ cols=”40″></textarea> <input type=”hidden” name=”recaptcha_response_field” value=”manual_challenge”/> We interrupt President Obama’s celebration of keeping a campaign promise to bring you news from Iraq, where a political crisis […]

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Throw Another Body on the Fire…

      Burning deceased humans will produce electricity Turbines at crematorium will convert heat into as much as 150 kilowatt-hours per corpse   By Natalie Wolchover   In Durham, England, corpses will soon be used to generate electricity. A crematorium is installing turbines in its burners that will convert waste heat from the combustion […]

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Governments, mainstream news, modern day institutions: truth need not apply!

    Report: Clinton Also Criticized Israel’s Foreign Policy In her remarks at the Saban Forum, Clinton criticized Netanyahu for not apologizing to Turkey over Marmara incident. By Elad Benari  12/5/2011, 4:15 AM Arutz Sheva – Israel National News Clinton speaking at Saban Forum Israel news photo: US State Department   U.S. Secretary of State […]

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