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Say it isn’t so, Joel

      Saturday, September 22, 2012 ‘Staying in His Lane’—Joel Osteen’s Gospel of Affirmation Without Salvation By Dr. Albert Mohler AlbertMohler.com Joel Osteen was back on CNN this week, appearing Thursday morning on “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien.” Osteen’s new book, I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life, has recently hit the […]

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Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Here and Now

          What Is ‘Chrislam’ & Why Are Its Followers Merging Christian & Islamic Theology? (VIDEO) September 19, 2012 by Billy Hallowell   Editor’s Note: This article is part of a larger series about lesser-known religions called “Understanding Faith.” In light of recent events, this week’s subject is Chrislam, a merging of […]

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Seek the truth. Ask and find. Believe.

    Telecom Giant Admits Iran Dealings by Gil Ronen Reprinted from Israel News           Telecommunications giant Inmarsat has confirmed that it provided satellite communications services to Iranian oil tankers and other vessels, despite the international sanctions against Tehran. The admission is contained in an official letter sent from Rich Harris, […]

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Only One Source of Truth

  ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: I realize people believe what they read, what they see on TV, what they hear and what they’re told. It is human nature to want to believe what we’re told or read. Sadly, if a person is garnering their information from mainstream media and not searching out other avenues for news they […]

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I Was A Nominal Christian

  I Was A Nominal Christian     by Ken Pullen ACP Wednesday, July 25, 2012   The Oxford English dictionary defines nominal as existing in name only. Nominalism is the doctrine that universals or general ideas are mere names without corresponding reality – often contrasted with realism. The truth is the majority of professed […]

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The Walking on Two-Legs Head Long Into the Bug Zapper

      Is The U.S. Government Planning To Implement Secret Scanners That Can Detect Anything? By Allie Compton 07/10/2012 Airport Security, Airlines, Laser Technology, Picosecond Programmable Laser, Government, Government Security Technology, Hidden Scanners, Laser Scanner, Privacy, Technology News The debate over the government’s use of technology that may infringe on privacy is about to […]

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Group think + Group blindness = Group death

    Group Of Seven To Hold Emergency Talks On Eurozone Debt Crisis Reuters 06/04/2012 Video, Business News, European Debt Crisis, Group Of Seven Economies, Group Of Seven, eurozone crisis, Eurozone, g7, Group Of Seven Emergency Talks, Reuters, Spanish Debt Crisis, Business News   * Canada says G7 to hold conference call on euro zone […]

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