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Iran Plays Chess, We Play Checkers: And the Kurds pay the price for our mistakes.

  Iran Plays Chess, We Play Checkers And the Kurds pay the price for our mistakes. October 17, 2017 By Kenneth R. Timmerman Reprinted from: FrontPageMag.com     The Iranian-backed attack in Iraqi Kurdistan is nothing short of disastrous for the United States, for U.S. interests and U.S. allies in the region, and for American prestige.It’s […]

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Washington’s Biggest Strategic Blunder

Kurds in Iraq rally for independence (Photo: SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images) PREFACE: An imagined and worked for at any costs united Iraq is sheer insanity. Foolishness taken to the nth degree. As stated in the article below; Iraqi Kurdistan is described as “one of the most pro-American places on the planet.” For the Trump administration, U.S. Secretary […]

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  Introductory comments by Ken Pullen As so many in America and other Western nations go to their apostate churches to hear “story time” and to be filled with unsound worldly doctrine in these times of the Great Falling Away before the son of perdition appears, due in great part to the apostate church turned […]

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