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Why Do American Jews Want Thousands of Jew Haters in America?

  Why Do American Jews Want Thousands of Jew Haters in America? Lessons from Europe for the American Jewish community. March 7, 2017 By Dennis Prager Reprinted from: FrontPageMag.com Ohio Synagogue Defaced With Anti-Semitic Scrawling’s Last week, the Jerusalem Post and other news agencies reported that in a Paris suburb, two Jewish brothers wearing kippot […]

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‘Allahu Akbar’ Becomes A Rallying Call As Leftists Join Forces With Radical Muslims To Fight Trump All Across America (VIDEO)

  ‘Allahu Akbar’ Becomes A Rallying Call As Leftists Join Forces With Radical Muslims To Fight Trump All Across America (VIDEO) Posted by Michael Snyder February 28, 2017 Reprinted from: Sleuth Journal An “unholy alliance” between anti-Trump leftists and radical Muslims is beginning to emerge all over America. President Trump’s recent executive order that restricted […]

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pope Francis Declares ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’ As he Continues To Set The Stage For A One World Religion

  Introductory comments by Ken Pullen   Every person on earth is involved in the greatest war to ever take place. The spiritual war. Between God and His right-ness, His Word, His Son, His Spirit vs. all things of Satan and this carnal world. No one gets designated 4-F, incapable of serving, for those familiar with […]

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The Recorded Deed to Jerusalem

  Introductory comments by Ken Pullen Question for everyone out there. Wherever you live, be it America, Canada, anywhere in Europe, throughout Asia, Australia, South America — almost every where on earth when building, buying or selling property you as the buyer or seller rely strongly on accurate, legal property documents. You really want to […]

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Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis: January 2017: Tolerating a “rape culture” to sustain a politically correct stance on mass migration

I seriously debated posting this photograph on ACP for this article. When going into an image search engine like Bing or Google? And you enter the words “Germany rape crisis” this is some of the sort of things which appear. Why? Because the filthy, disgusting, vile evil Islamists photograph and video tape their gangs of […]

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The Arab-Israel Conflict: Back to the Future

  The Arab-Israel Conflict: Back to the Future by Shoshana Bryen February 16, 2017 https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9953/arab-israel-conflict What is commonly called the “Palestinian-Israeli conflict” is, in fact, the “Arab-Israel conflict.” Jordan illegally annexed the West Bank in 1950, and from that time Palestinian nationalism has been deadly for the Kingdom. “I call on the Palestinian people to […]

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U.K.: Free Speech for Dictators Only

Want to see what a New World Order Globalist, an anti-American, pro-Islamist dictator, pro-North Korea regressive progressive fascist and hypocrite looks like? See photo and story below: Free speech, President Donald Trump hating House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, of the United Kingdom. A person who will allow any fascist dictator to enter and speak […]

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Palestinian Assault on Freedoms

  Palestinian Assault on Freedoms by Khaled Abu Toameh February 16, 2017 https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9950/palestinians-freedoms The Palestinians seem to be marching towards establishing a regime that is remarkably reminiscent of the despotic and corrupt Arab and Islamic governments. By failing — or, more accurately, refusing — to hold the PA accountable for its crackdown on public freedoms, […]

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