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The Race to Censor Internet News

  Monday, November 13, 2017 The Race to Censor Internet News Posted by Daniel Greenfield Reprinted from: Sultan Knish website     How can you tell that internet censorship is really taking off? Easy. It’s becoming a business model. Steven Brill is raising $6 million to launch News Guard. This new service will rate news sites […]

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The Google Gulag

  Thursday, August 10, 2017 The Google Gulag by Daniel Greenfield Reprinted from Mr. Greenfield’s Blog: Sultan Knish Sultan Knish Let me Google that for you. James Damore is an FIDE chess master who studied at Princeton, MIT and Harvard. He had been working as a software engineer at Google for four years. Danielle Brown […]

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I Want to Prepare You, Not Scare You

    Still photo of scene from the movie “1984”     I Want to Prepare You, Not Scare You   by Ken Pullen ACP Tuesday, March 17th, 2015   I don’t truly know the minds and imaginations of subscribers and visitors to “A Crooked Path.” We can say, as a part of speech things […]

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“The Internet Is Where Religion Goes To Die”

ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: To all subscribers, readers, and visitors to “A Crooked Path” I would like to let you know that a link to Apologetics Press has been added to the “Links” section on this website. The “Links” section is easily found on the right hand side sidebar. Thank you, Ken Pullen   “The Internet Is […]

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Group think + Group blindness = Group death

    Group Of Seven To Hold Emergency Talks On Eurozone Debt Crisis Reuters 06/04/2012 Video, Business News, European Debt Crisis, Group Of Seven Economies, Group Of Seven, eurozone crisis, Eurozone, g7, Group Of Seven Emergency Talks, Reuters, Spanish Debt Crisis, Business News   * Canada says G7 to hold conference call on euro zone […]

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