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Oregon House Democrats pass bill providing free abortions for all, including illegal aliens

Oregon House Democrats pushed through the Reproductive Health Equity Act after a nearly two-hour debate over the bill, which would allocate $10.2 million for services related to contraception, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, including vasectomies and abortions, in the 2017-19 … more >   Oregon House Democrats pass bill providing free abortions for all, including […]

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New Comedy “Choice, The Musical” Celebrates Abortion

Contrary to the leftist mind, contrary to so-called Republicans who support abortion, contrary to so-called professed “Christians” and their denominations which support abortion, abortion is no laughing matter. Abortion should NOT ever be the theme used in a “comedy,” which merely illustrates the depth of our depravity, the depth of our immorality, the depth of […]

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A doctor holding his hand over his face negatively

Illinois Forces Doctors to Discuss the “Benefit” of Abortions

  Illinois Forces Doctors to Discuss the “Benefit” of Abortions By Wesley Smith June 28, 2017 Reprinted from: LifeNews.com     I have predicted that “medical conscience” will become a huge social controversy in the next decade, as culture of death proponents seek to force pro-life and Hippocratic Oath-believing doctors out of medicine by compelling them […]

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The  Rainbow Flag in front of Church.

Apostasy Cannot Unseat Truth

  Apostasy Cannot Unseat Truth Monday, June 19, 2017 By Dr. Michael Brown Reprinted from: American Family Association How Does Growing Apostasy Prove That Christians Are Getting Closer to the Truth? There’s a bizarre argument I’m hearing these days which basically goes like this. “Look at how many churches are embracing homosexual practice. This proves we’re […]

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Vatican Communications Office Priest: Homosexuals Will Be In Heaven

Rather than promote sin, perversion, abomination, immorality and those things which lead one straight to eternity in hell, without God, nowhere near heaven we need to boldly, openly MORTIFY SIN and speak the inerrant Word of God! All the time. Continually. Without omission. Without hesitation. Without wavering and adopting the evil of the world. MORTIFY […]

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