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The  Rainbow Flag in front of Church.

Apostasy Cannot Unseat Truth

  Apostasy Cannot Unseat Truth Monday, June 19, 2017 By Dr. Michael Brown Reprinted from: American Family Association How Does Growing Apostasy Prove That Christians Are Getting Closer to the Truth? There’s a bizarre argument I’m hearing these days which basically goes like this. “Look at how many churches are embracing homosexual practice. This proves we’re […]

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Lance Berkman’s ‘Christian Day’ plans with Cardinals blasted by lesbian, homosexual, bi-sexual and trans-gender sexual perversions community

Lance Berkman   PREFACE: Hallelujah, Mr. Lance Berkman! Speak the truth and you’re called a bigot by those professing to be the most tolerant, loving, equality seeking all-inclusive group out there, the fascist militant homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans-gender sexual perversions participants and their rabid supporters, who if the truth was ever told? Want nothing […]

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Vatican Communications Office Priest: Homosexuals Will Be In Heaven

Rather than promote sin, perversion, abomination, immorality and those things which lead one straight to eternity in hell, without God, nowhere near heaven we need to boldly, openly MORTIFY SIN and speak the inerrant Word of God! All the time. Continually. Without omission. Without hesitation. Without wavering and adopting the evil of the world. MORTIFY […]

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The Air Force Flies Over the Rainbow

  The Air Force Flies Over the Rainbow Thomas Gallatin · Apr. 4, 2017   Col. Kristin Goodwin, who is openly lesbian, has been nominated to become the next commandant of the U.S. Air Force Academy. She was included on a list of several military officers in an announcement from Secretary of Defense James Mattis of nominees for […]

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‘Free Speech Bus’ Defaced by Protesters at Harvard

National Organization for Marriage bus on tour preaching the Biblical truth concerning homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality, and trans-gender deviant, abnormal, immoral against God and nature sexual perversions is attacked again…this time at Harvard… ‘Free Speech Bus’ Defaced by Protesters at Harvard Posted by Aleister    Sunday, April 2, 2017 There was a time when you could […]

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Broken America

Introductory comments: In the column below, Mr. Michael Snyder asks a couple of questions early on in the piece he wrote; “Is this the beginning of the end for the United States of America?” and… “So how do you fix this?” Back in April and May of 2015 I posted a compilation of nothing but […]

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Disney, Sea World and Universal Employee’s Caught in Sex Stings, Child Porn Arrests. Disney Moves Forward! (VIDEO)

  Disney, Sea World and Universal Employee’s Caught in Sex Stings, Child Porn Arrests. Disney Moves Forward! (VIDEO)   by Bradlee Dean March 28, 2017 Reprinted from: Sleuth Journal “The vision for Walt’s world was clear: Entertain children. Disney characters were about hope, optimism and, above all else, making sure children were able to enjoy their innocence […]

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North Carolina Set to Repeal HB2 After Threat from NCAA

  Introductory comments: What we are witnessing is just more of the militant homosexual movements fascism at work. The NCAA — National Collegiate Athletic Association is a corrupted organization which claims to be 100% concerned with college athletics and college athletes yet is highly political, New Age pagan in character, and is a large, powerful tool […]

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