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America’s Shifting Religious Trends

  Notes from Ken Pullen — There is a VAST DIFFERENCE in “identifying” and calling oneself a “Christian,” and actually BEING a Christian. If the 83% who “identify” themselves as Christians in America were TRUE Christians? America would be a TOTALLY DIFFERENCT nation and we a totally different people than we presently are. Sadly, by […]

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Dangers In The Way — A.W. Tozer (AUDIO)

Dangers In The Way — A.W. Tozer (AUDIO) Audio sermons of A.W. Tozer given from March of 1955 through May of 1955 Dangers in the Way Sources of Danger download 3.22 MBDate Preached: 3/20/55 Duration: 28:09 Reference: Psalm 18:2 Dangers of Prosperity and Adversity download 5.36 MBDate Preached: 3/27/55 Duration: 46:50 Reference: Revelation 3:14-20 Dangers […]

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Satanic Temple Moves to Salem as Churches Plan ‘Kingdom-Oriented Response’

(Screengrab: Fox 25) Satanic Temple Moves to Salem as Churches Plan ‘Kingdom-Oriented Response’ By Brandon Showalter September 22,2016 Reprinted from: Christian Post     As The Satanic Temple opens its international headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts, on Friday, one church is opting not for protests and demonstrations, but a more Kingdom-oriented response. “Salem is definitely a […]

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