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“Nothing to do with Islam”?

Ethiopian Christian men who were abducted being slaughtered (beheaded) on a beach in Libya by members of the Islamic State (ISIS)   Introductory commentary by Ken Pullen Evils voice is like none other. Evils voice is broad, loud enough to carry round the world in an instant, while being so distracting, so hypnotic, so alluring, […]

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Bible verses about Neglect of God’s Word: A famine in the land — continued

  Bible verses about Neglect of God’s Word: A famine in the land — continued; Amos 8:11-12 (From Forerunner Commentary) Amos 8:11-12 God says that He will soon send a peculiar famine—not a typical famine of food or water, but a far more destructive one. It strikes at the heart of His people, causing the […]

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Israel to make biometric database mandatory

Israel to make biometric database mandatory 02 December 2016 Reprinted from: Planet Biometrics   Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri has announced that a biometric ID programme will be mandatory, with all citizens to be issued an ID card storing iris and fingerprint data. Deri explained one will have the option to save their fingerprints in […]

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Abortion extremism persists, despite rejection by voters

    New Mexico has emerged as an abortion destination state, attracting an increasing number of out-of-state women; it is one of seven states that permit abortion at any stage of pregnancy. (AP Photo/Juan Antonio Labreche, File) Abortion extremism persists, despite rejection by voters By Victor Gaetan • 11/30/16 Reprinted from: Washington Examiner Last Wednesday, […]

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Jimmy Carter’s Anti-Semitism

NOTE: It is important to note Jimmy Carter is a believer of replacement theology which is a false teaching and unsound doctrine. This fact can explain a lot with regard to his disdain towards Israel and Jews, and his always growing Anti-Semitism. Note supplied by Ken Pullen December 1, 2016 Jimmy Carter’s Anti-Semitism By Fay […]

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Show your support for Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines here!

Introduction If any individual, company, TV producer, government agency, institution, or group spouted off in hypocrisy, hatred, bitterness, intolerance and vengefulness demanding a homosexual be removed from a TV program the U.S. media and homosexual community would be up in arms screaming discrimination, injustice, and spewing epitaphs and vitriol at those demanding the homosexual be […]

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