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The Mighty Power Of God

  The Mighty Power Of God by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam     In 1866 Alfred Nobel invented an explosive made of nitroglycerin absorbed in a porous material. It was by far the most powerful explosive that had so far been invented. When Nobel and his friends saw what his invention could do, and had […]

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The Fruits Of The Resurrection

  The Fruits Of The Resurrection by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam   The fruits of our Lord’s resurrection from the dead are many and important. First, there were immediate results. It silenced those who had ridiculed His claims, and struck terror into their hearts. It explained how the prophecies would be fulfilled which predicted the […]

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Eating The Cookbook + 10

    Stage production in a professed Christian church in America     “When the church playhouse becomes more important than the church prayer house, when recreation gets ahead of re-creation, then God’s house has become a den of thieves.” ~Vance Havner   “The children of Issachar had understanding of the times and knew what […]

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Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise — Charles Wesley

  Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise Author: Charles Wesley (1739) Scripture Songs Published in 466 hymnals Printable scores: PDF, Sibelius Audio files: MIDI Scripture References: stanza 1 = Acts 1:9-11 stanza 2 = Psalm 24:7-10 stanza 4 = Romans 8:34, Hebrews 7:25, John 14:2, 1 Corinthians 15:20-23 stanza 5 = 2 Timothy 2:12 […]

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Sickness and Sin + 8

 “In other days people chose a church on the basis of their doctrinal convictions. Now, lacking doctrinal convictions, they choose for social reasons.” ~Vance Havner   “The church is not developing her recruits into disciplined soldiers. We are fighting the greatest battle of all time with the most untrained army on earth. If strict discipline […]

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How to Pray — By R.A. Torrey

ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: This is part one in a twelve part series reprinting the book published in 1900 by R.A. Torrey titled How to Pray. This book, How to Pray by R.A. Torrey, this series is needed now more in our homes, our churches, our institutions, our nation, our government, and in the hearts and minds […]

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