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pope Francis Likens Migrant Crisis to Holocaust, Calling Refugee Centers “Concentration Camps”

Preface: More than Jewish groups ought to have their ire raised over the comments made by this pompous papal puissant Fran the Worldly, Fran the Appeaser. But then, when you head the largest church in the world that sided with the Nazis, conspired with the Nazis, held assemblies and rallies with the Nazis, and aligned […]

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Remembering four heroes of the Holocaust (As Holocaust Remembrance Day is about to begin)

Today is Yom HaShoah — Holocaust Remembrance Day. Today, at sundown in Israel, Holocaust Remembrance Day  begins. Let us remember both those who died & those who risked their lives to tell the world the truth about Hitler’s genocide…   Remembering four heroes of the Holocaust The sign “Arbeit macht frei” (Work makes you free) is pictured at […]

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Our Government Depends on the Resurrection: By Jake MacAulay (VIDEO)

  Preface: Contrary to the abundance of misinformation and ignorance which is the substance building our principals and foundations of this current age, the installing of “separation of church and state” in our founding documents written by our Founding Fathers HAD, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH REMOVING GOD, CHRIST, THE HOLY SPIRIT, OR THE HOLY […]

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If ‘Terror Knows No Religion’ Where Is All The Christian/Jewish Terrorism?

  If ‘Terror Knows No Religion’ Where Is All The Christian/Jewish Terrorism? April 18, 2017 By Benny Huang Reprinted from: FrontPageMag.com Two horrific suicide bombings, in two different cities, two hours apart—this is how Egyptian Christians began Holy Week.In the cities of Tawra and Alexandria, Muslim terrorists stormed Coptic churches where they proceeded to blow […]

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