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A New Body

PREFACE Two days ago I was visiting with a man in his mid-80’s, in his home, and he is suffering greatly from physical pain as his fleshly body corrupts and declines moving towards its end. We visit each week and talk of current events, the course the world has decided to take, about God, Christ […]

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Vatican Communications Office Priest: Homosexuals Will Be In Heaven

Rather than promote sin, perversion, abomination, immorality and those things which lead one straight to eternity in hell, without God, nowhere near heaven we need to boldly, openly MORTIFY SIN and speak the inerrant Word of God! All the time. Continually. Without omission. Without hesitation. Without wavering and adopting the evil of the world. MORTIFY […]

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Paul, the Pattern – His Conversion

  Paul, the Pattern — His Conversion by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam No conversion in sacred history is given so much attention as that of the apostle Paul. Besides the many references to it, we find three detailed accounts of it in the book of Acts. As Saul of Tarsus, the learned Pharisee, he had led his […]

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We Do

  We Do by Ken Pullen ACP Wednesday, August 7, 2013   We do what we want to do. Granted, most work at jobs they do not have a passion for or even an affinity for. We work to provide. To pay our way. But in this life, especially since the last half of the […]

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