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Drown man with rised hand getting lifebuoy help in sea or ocean

Standing Against the Tide

  Standing Against the Tide Tuesday, August 22, 2017 By Ed Vitagliano Reprinted from: American Family Association     This blog is the last of three examining the cultural conclusions reached by two 20th century scholars, British anthropologist J.D. Unwin, author of Sex and Culture, and Pitirim Sorokin, author of The American Sex Revolution and the […]

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The Global Famine Begins: U.N. Announces That The Worst Food Crisis Since World War II Is Happening Right Now

Introductory comments: Scripture used is from the King James Version Holy Bible     I am convinced most people are to involved running on their personally manufactured hamster wheels to realize what is really going on around the world, within the world. Especially those who do not believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, […]

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The Value of Afflictions

    The Value of Afflictions by Pastor Ricky Kurth When I was a boy, a popular way to insult a classmate was to say, “When God was handing out brains, that kid thought He said ‘pains,’ and hid behind the door.” Let’s face it, none of us likes to suffer pain, afflictions, or tribulations! […]

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