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Europe: More Migrants Coming

Islamic migrants rioting in Greece in 2015 Syrian migrants entering Europe in 2015 The Islamic “seeding” of Europe — Note that contrary to the propaganda of the left and the majority of media reports the vast majority of migrants are male. Young males. Not women and children as they claim. All one needs do is […]

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Closer, closer…closer…ever closer…

    The best of Fred Hutchison The spirit of the laws March 15, 2012 Fred Hutchison, RenewAmerica analyst   Originally published February 14, 2004 Baron Montesquieu (Mahn-tes’-kyoo) De Secondat (French political philosopher, 1689–1755) wrote The Spirit of the Laws (l’Espirit des Lois, 1750), which is esteemed by some as the most important work of […]

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