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Stand! With God, with Christ, with the Word of God, with the truth, with Israel : KEEP STANDING!

In this Edition: Luis Leon, Episcopal Priest, Will Deliver Obama’s Inauguration Benediction, Replacing Louie Giglio Totally, Unequivocally Hagel Vindicated Bachmann Under Attack Are Guns the Problem? Behind the ‘Democracy Initiative’ Stop the witch hunt against Representative Michele Bachmann Death penalty for holding Bible? The Palestinian Authority’s Inconvenient Truths The Islamization of France in 2012   […]

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Decay of such degree as far as the blind eyes fail to see…

In this Edition: Church of England OK’s Celibate Homosexual Bishops Year in Review: 2012 Sees Rise in Christian Persecution, Battles Over God, Guns, Homosexuals, and Lesbians Military Must Prep Now for ‘Mutant’ Future, Researchers Warn Earthquakes, The Fuse That Ignites Volcanoes, Have Increased Worldwide Why Arabs Hate And Kill Palestinians Exposing the Anti-Israel ‘Peace Industry’ […]

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Accounting 101

In this Edition: Does Anyone Care What Happens to Hobby Lobby? Gun Grabbers Gone Wild America Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem, It Has a Gang Problem Is World War II Still Being Fought? (VIDEO) ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: (Discussing in brief the article which follows) Guess what ‘fossil’ fuels don’t come from Using Strong’s Numbers The Year […]

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Who do we serve? Really.

  In this Edition: The Lost Verses of the Quran Syrian Christian Nightmare of a Black Christmas 25 Facts That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Really Want To Talk About Right Now Spain to Deport Christian Refugee over Mohammed Film Leftist Infomercials for Gun Control Will 2013 Mark the Beginning of American Decline? Christianity ‘close to extinction’ […]

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A Prayer

  Our Father, who are in heaven, hallowed and praised be thy name. May we as a nation, and as individuals humbly bow on our knees before thee, giving thanks for all things. Lord, Creator, Giver of all things, may the hearts of the people be pricked and thy touch be felt. May there be an awareness, […]

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America, once God fearing, once a Christian nation, now injecting the drug of evil in her veins

  In this edition: What Republicans Are Too Scared To Say — on The Glazov Gang (VIDEOS) Muslim Persecution of Christians: October 2012 Obama Pushing Federal Control of Public Schools Detroit Teachers w/$71,000 Salaries Leave Work to Protest, While Only 7 Percent of their Students Can Read Muslim Country With 25% Slave Population Elected VP […]

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Truth becomes impotent as evil devours the hearts and minds of men & women

In this edition: America’s Gulf Allies Give the Taliban 200 Million Dollars a Year – by Daniel Greenfield NC Judge Denies Pro-Life License Plates, Calls for Pro-Choice  Alternative People Who Edited Al Qaeda Out of CIA Benghazi Talking Points Predict Islamic Terrorism Will End By 2030, Warn of Christian Terrorists Jihadists Occupy Mali With Impunity […]

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Roiling, boiling human stew bubbling over

In this edition: Abbas Confirms U.N. Bid for November 29 New EU Currency to Show Woman Who Rides The Beast Genetically Modified Humans? Drug to fix faulty DNA gets go-ahead in landmark move that may alter medicine forever “Belgium Will Become an Islamic State” FBI to Honor CAIR-Linked Group Chicago Teachers Strategize on How to […]

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Oil & Vinegar – Part II

  Oil & Vinegar Part II   by Ken Pullen ACP Friday, September 21, 2012   I did not sit down one day and think to myself, I’m going to begin a website about God, Christ, the Bible, and what is transpiring in the world. I had a few people tell me “Ken, you should […]

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Believer? Unbeliever? Getting Difficult To See The Difference

  ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: The Apostate Church The following article is but one account of countless ones, growing ones concerning professed ministers, preachers, pastors, reverends, and professed Christian congregations. Apostasy, the great falling away. The inclusion of wolves in sheep’s clothing – ravenous wolves entering in to devour the flock – are increasing by the day. […]

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