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Vatican Communications Office Priest: Homosexuals Will Be In Heaven

Rather than promote sin, perversion, abomination, immorality and those things which lead one straight to eternity in hell, without God, nowhere near heaven we need to boldly, openly MORTIFY SIN and speak the inerrant Word of God! All the time. Continually. Without omission. Without hesitation. Without wavering and adopting the evil of the world. MORTIFY […]

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing — By Ed Vitagliano

This very day most are walking in darkness. Following worldly philosophies and being misled by false teachers preaching unsound doctrine. The darkness grows, the wolf pack increases, scattering, confusing the lambs leading them to their possible deaths unless those lambs turn to and heed the Word of the Shepherd and follow Him, only Him and […]

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Obama Dishonors National Park Service — By Laurie Higgins

  America’s first homosexual president further dishonors America Obama Dishonors National Park Service By Laurie Higgins  8 July, 2016 Reprinted from: Barbwire Link to BarbWire website “I’m designating the Stonewall National Monument as the newest addition to America’s National Park System…I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country, the richness […]

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The Cycle of Unbelief

    The Cycle of Unbelief by Jeff Miller, Ph.D.   Societies throughout human history have tended to cycle through the same patterns: acknowledging God, denying God, embracing moral depravity, receiving punishment and destruction from God, repenting, and then recycling again. The Israelites of the Old Testament repeated this cycle several times as recorded in […]

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“All Natural”

  “All Natural”   by Ken Pullen ACP Tuesday, January 27th, 2015   Don’t delude yourselves: no one makes a fool of God! A person reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7 — Complete Jewish Bible And the LORD God said unto the woman, “What is this that thou hast done?” And the woman said, “The […]

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