Famine Ken Pullen  –  copyright 2011 Scripture appears in Italics from the King James Version Conditions ripe vine full of rot dead from the roots on up through the shoots branches withered spewing of lies among the entire lot too long a veiling of the eyes closing of the ears to truth for […]

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  More from “The People of Peace.”   Islamists Clash With Supporters of Jordan’s King By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: April 15, 2011 ZARQA, Jordan (AP) — Hundreds of protesting Islamic hard-liners clashed in this town with supporters of Jordan’s king on Friday, leaving dozens wounded, in the latest move by the extremist movement to […]

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Why do YOU celebrate Easter?

    The Blood: A believer in Our Lord Jesus Christ sent a comment toA Crooked Path, and we appreciate all comments, in which he stated he believed the Scriptures, and the literal 3 days in the tomb before Yeshua conquered death and arose. I replied to Chuck, and told him I believe the Scriptures […]

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  Just How Long Did Jesus Stay in the Tomb? By Daniel Burke, Religion News Service As Christians worldwide prepare to celebrate Easter, they will follow a familiar chronology: Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and rose from the dead on “the third day,” in the words of the ancient Nicene Creed. But if Jesus […]

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Is Easter Pagan?

  As the people of this world, and this world’s churches celebrate this day I would say yes. While the resurrection of Yeshua, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the one event that can be closely determined as to when it occured due to the facts of when Passover takes place, and the knowledge […]

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Aborted Truth

     True or false? Seeds scientifically proved to be thousands of years old germinated and sprang to life?    True.    The oldest carbon-14-dated seed that has grown into a viable plant was a Judean date palm seed about 2,000 years old, recovered from excavations at Herod the Great‘s palace on Masada in Israel. […]

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Iranian Money Propels Muslim Takeovers DEBKA-Net-Weekly  #485 Tags:  Egypt   Egyptian army   Iran   Muslim Brotherhood  Iran is moving in on the Arab revolt now in its third month. Its agents are whipping together the most radical domestic Muslim elements, Sunni and Shiite alike, as a vehicle for importing its own influence into the heart of the turbulent […]

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What It’s All About

What It’s All About Ken Pullen  –  copyright 2011 For man there was a beginning yet there is no beginning, no end The Reasons for man always existed except man earth perception as known in its limited experienced dimension fails miserably more times than not never getting what it is really all about From the beginning […]

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    Muslims rape, burn Christians alive Obama directs U.S. policy to support radical Islam Editor’s Note: The following report is excerpted from Jerome Corsi’s Red Alert, the premium online newsletter published by the current No. 1 best-selling author, WND staff writer and senior managing director of the Financial Services Group at Gilford Securities. Radical […]

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