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Does Hell Mean God Stops Loving?

  Does Hell Mean God Stops Loving? by Earl Edwards, D.Miss.   The scholar Stephen H. Travis wrote that he considered an endless hell to be “vindictive” and “incompatible with the love of God in Christ” (1980, p. 135). Another author, John M. Wenham, has written, “I cannot see that endless punishment is either loving […]

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Back to Antioch + 9

    “Don’t be a “new-translation addict.” Some dear souls feel that they could really understand the Bible if they could get hold of one more new version. Sometimes translations help a little, but it is amazing what some old-timers got out of it before the fad set in. The Holy Spirit made alive what […]

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Better Christians + 8

    “In the great Olivet discourse of our Lord give us six “manys” of the last days. Many false Christs shall deceive many. Many shall be offended, and shall hate and betray one another. Many false prophets shall deceive many. Because lawlessness shall abound, the love of many (or most) shall wax cold. The […]

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