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Jimmy Carter Urges Barack Obama to Divide the Land of Israel at the United Nations Before January 20th

  Introductory commentary by Ken Pullen All Scripture used from the King James Version Holy Bible except where noted   If Jimmy Carter were a Bible believing Christian rather than a worldly deluded minister of the devil, who appears to those beguiled and deluded as an angel of light, he would not be doing the […]

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True Thanksgiving

  True Thanksgiving Reprinted from: Bible Study Tools   Bible Verses for Thanksgiving – Be encouraged with Scripture on why we should give thanks and how to express our gratitude. You can find many instances in the Bible that talk about giving thanks to God and Jesus for all the blessings we’ve received and take […]

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Late at night, wide awake

Late at night, wide awake By Jay Younts Reprinted from: Shepherd Press Sometimes at night I find myself awake, wide awake, hopelessly awake. In these moments I am confronted with piercing clarity about past sins, the stupidity of thinking I had a good reason to trust my flesh and ignore my God. I remember the […]

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