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  Inexcusable by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam The second chapter of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is a dark, sad passage, but it opens the door to the richest blessing the human heart can contain: salvation by grace. The opening words: “Therefore thou art inexcusable,” are blunt indeed, but God exposes our sinful condition only […]

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The Power of the Gospel

  The Power of the Gospel By Dave Hunt Reprinted from The Berean Call May 1 2014 First published in December 1993 God’s holiness and justice require that sinners be eternally separated from Him. To be cut off completely and eternally from that Love for which one was created will be to burn with a […]

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The Christian’s Trust in the Invisible

  The Christian’s Trust in the Invisible   By A.W. Tozer From his book “Living As A Christian: Teachings From First Peter” Published by Regal Books /  ISBN-10: 0-83074692-7   Not only does a Christian believe in the invisible world, but he also counts on it. He acts, plans and lives as one who counts on […]

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A Santified Spirit – By A.B. Simpson

  A Sanctified Spirit A reprinted text sermon by A.B. Simpson Having seen the source and meaning of sanctification, let us next trace its sphere and extent. “I pray God to sanctify you through and through” is the meaning of this verse. And then Paul specifies the threefold division of our human nature, the spirit, […]

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The Sea of Galilee

Three Rules of Human Conduct

  The Sea of Galilee   Three Rules of Human Conduct Originally Published by Apologetics Press, 1996 URL: By Wayne Jackson, M.A.   [The gifted T.B. Larimore (1843-1929) once delivered a discourse titled: “The Iron, Silver, and Golden Rules” (see Srygley, 1949, 1:190-207). That presentation furnished the seed thoughts for this article.] Jesus had […]

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The Importance of Sound Doctrine + 4

  Faithfulness to Our Commission by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam In Paul’s day, his “preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the mystery” encountered opposition on every hand. For faithfully proclaiming the glorious message which had been committed to his trust, he was constantly made to bear affliction and reproach. In one of […]

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The Bible According to Hollywood: Part 2 – By T.A. McMahon

  The Bible According to Hollywood 2 By T.A. McMahon April 2014 Originally published by The Berean Call URL: Here we go again. For those who may agree but are a little tired of my crying out for discernment regarding “biblical” movies, you have my apology…in the midst of my growing concern. Nevertheless, I […]

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