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A Great Mistake

  I know why it happens, because of the continual war between good and evil on this world, in this world, but it is a great mistake to either sit on the science side of the table and blindly accept such errant premises as Darwinism, or genetically modified foods, or men such as J. Craig […]

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bobby bland stormy monday

Stormy Monday

  Have you ever at some point in your life built a structure out of blocks or erected a house of cards? Or played dominoes? If not, you’ve at least seen what happens when one piece or two are removed, or the slightest movement topples the entire structure right down to its foundations. Nothing remaining. […]

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I am blessed richly by God. In most regards I am yet a babe in Christ with much to learn through humility, prayer, study, and searching God’s Living True Word. I was blessed beyond measure upon my true conversion by having a sister in the faith come into my life. I can’t believe by any […]

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This is Why

  The following article is why if we are true believers in God, in Jesus Christ the Lord, in the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God we do not waver from the path of righteousness and we should make every effort to be separate from this vile, ugly, evil world filled with false teachers, […]

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And the Oscar goes to…

  We live in a time when many contend and profess they are Christian. I contend the R.S. Owens Company, in Chicago Illinois, the maker of the golden pagan statue presented to winners of best acting, and creating the best illusions, could not make enough of their golden calf’s to pass around to all the […]

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The World's #1 Industry

Ken Pullen – Part One in a Series   Human bondage. The world’s #1 industry. Now upon reading that the reader is either disbelieving and thinking, here we go again, or the reader is believing that statement and possibly thinking, Yessiree, he’s right! All those sinners! I don’t need to read this. Hold on. We’ve […]

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Stewardship & Talents

  Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34   The United States of America, its government institutions, and its people should take, and could take, a very simple lesson from Scripture. In Matthew  chapters 24 and 25 the Lord Jesus Christ was teaching his disciples many lessons as they walked from […]

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Visible Erosion

Today I composed a poem in honor and glory to God titled “Erosion” that is posted here on A Crooked Path. I had intended on reducing the following down and including it at the bottom of the poem, but I could not reduce this in size so it was still legible and also fit the […]

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The True Origin of Easter

  The True Origin of Easter BY DAVID C. PACK Easter is a worldwide tradition involving many customs that people believe to be Christian. What is the origin of Lent and sunrise services? How did rabbits, eggs and hot cross buns become associated with Christ’s Resurrection? Is Easter mentioned in the Bible? Did the apostles […]

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Do You Observe Passover or Easter?

Should Christians celebrate Passover or should they celebrate Easter?  The answer may seem quite obvious to some of you, but in reality this question has become quite a controversy in the Christian community over the past several years.  As Christians have learned more about the history of each holiday, an increasing number of Christians have been […]

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