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History all should know…and do live

Israel is the center of the world. Actually, Jerusalem is. In the world most are oblivious, clueless, and ignorant. Those not of those categories think there was no Israel before 1948. Today the majority through the delusion of Satan in the hearts of men and women has people thinking Israel and Jews are the problem, […]

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  The majority of people are completely out of focus and lost. Those not believing in God, Yeshua – Jesus Christ the Lord, and the infallibility, the inerrancy of Scripture are completely lost. The majority professing to be believers are lost as they are lead down the path to destruction by the great delusion brought on […]

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It happens

  Feeling overwhelmed? It happens. Even for believers in Christ the Lord and God Almighty. We are only human still.   I realize according to how we humans record time I am still “a babe in Christ” being truly saved for just under two years. I am greatly blessed and give all thanks, and glory, […]

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Blue Letter Bible

  I have mentioned this in the past. I have provided a link on the right hand sidebar. I have included links in various articles. Yet I do not know if people are aware or utilizing what I have come to know as the best free Biblical resource available to them.   The Blue Letter […]

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A Great Mistake

  I know why it happens, because of the continual war between good and evil on this world, in this world, but it is a great mistake to either sit on the science side of the table and blindly accept such errant premises as Darwinism, or genetically modified foods, or men such as J. Craig […]

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bobby bland stormy monday

Stormy Monday

  Have you ever at some point in your life built a structure out of blocks or erected a house of cards? Or played dominoes? If not, you’ve at least seen what happens when one piece or two are removed, or the slightest movement topples the entire structure right down to its foundations. Nothing remaining. […]

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I am blessed richly by God. In most regards I am yet a babe in Christ with much to learn through humility, prayer, study, and searching God’s Living True Word. I was blessed beyond measure upon my true conversion by having a sister in the faith come into my life. I can’t believe by any […]

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This is Why

  The following article is why if we are true believers in God, in Jesus Christ the Lord, in the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God we do not waver from the path of righteousness and we should make every effort to be separate from this vile, ugly, evil world filled with false teachers, […]

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And the Oscar goes to…

  We live in a time when many contend and profess they are Christian. I contend the R.S. Owens Company, in Chicago Illinois, the maker of the golden pagan statue presented to winners of best acting, and creating the best illusions, could not make enough of their golden calf’s to pass around to all the […]

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The World's #1 Industry

Ken Pullen – Part One in a Series   Human bondage. The world’s #1 industry. Now upon reading that the reader is either disbelieving and thinking, here we go again, or the reader is believing that statement and possibly thinking, Yessiree, he’s right! All those sinners! I don’t need to read this. Hold on. We’ve […]

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