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America’s Extreme Abortion Laws

  America’s Extreme Abortion Laws The Supreme Court vs. the People By: John Stonestreet July 29, 2016 Reprinted from: We know what the majority on the Supreme Court thinks about abortion. But increasingly, the court of public opinion is issuing a different ruling. Listen Now | Download It hasn’t even been a month since […]

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Email Leak Exposes George Soros’ Anti-Israel Agenda — By Ronn Torossian

  Email Leak Exposes George Soros’ Anti-Israel Agenda August 16, 2016 By Ronn Torossian Reprinted from: the Recent email leaks have shed light on some of the most notable issues in the news today. The recent hack of the Democratic National Committee showed how dirty politics can get, as many DNC staffers were shown to be working to […]

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The Temple Mount and UNESCO

  Notes by Ken Pullen — Evil; the vast majority of the people of this world — Islamists, liberals, so-called “progressives,” the West, the United Nations, and even a growing number of so-called professed Christians are mounting a tsunami of lies and misinformation in which they make the errant claim the Jews have no history […]

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The Snares Be Filled With Those Who Profess to Serve the Lord!

  Notes by Ken Pullen — Subscribers and frequent visitors to A Crooked Path certainly know the position taken by me with regard to people who profess to be Christian partaking of and celebrating “Christmas,” using the excuse they do so to honor the birth of Jesus. Just another excuse. Just another delusional lie. Just […]

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Edom vs. Israel — Seething Hatred Will Be Edom’s Demise

  Edom vs. Israel — Seething Hatred Will Be Edom’s Demise   Obadiah 1:10 (10) For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever. King James Version Leviticus 19:17, “You shall not hate your brother in your heart,” succinctly describes the fundamental flaw in Edom, […]

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