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Christianity Today’s Anti-Christianity Today

  Christianity Today’s Anti-Christianity Today Reprinted from: The Berean Call     According to the online encyclopedia, ” Christianity Today [ CT ] is an Evangelical Christian periodical based in Carol Stream, IL. It is the flagship publication of its parent company Christianity Today International, claiming readership of 290,000. The founder, Billy Graham, stated […]

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It’s Not Equality – It’s Homosexual Supremacy — By Bryan Fischer

  Notes from Ken Pullen — HALLELUJAH! FINALLY! Someone other than myself prints the truth for people to read and know! Long overdue. The homosexual agenda has NEVER BEEN about equality, rights, the American way, justice, or anything considered noble and right. The homosexual agenda HAS ALWAYS BEEN about homosexuality positioning itself, using the system, […]

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Barack Hussein Obama’s Refugees and Surging Deadly Diseases in America

Barack Hussein Obama’s Refugees and Surging Deadly Diseases in America The lethal violation of the nation’s most basic public health protocols. May 26, 2016 Matthew Vadum Reprinted from: David Horowitz Freedom Center Illegal “seeding of the West” Islamic followers on left hand side of photo, face of anti-American, pro-Islam, anti-Christian, pro-homosexual, anti-family evil incarnate […]

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