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by Ken Pullen


Wednesday, February 14th, 2018


If representatives of a law enforcement agency showed up at your door, smashed it in with a battering ram, forced you to the ground, placed handcuffs on you, read you your rights and informed you that you were being arrested for being complicit in a crime would you remain silent if you knew this was all erroneous?

Or would you speak up to get the facts, the truth made known?

Why then do you as a professed Christian remain silent and thus COMPLICIT when the prince of this earth for a season, the devil, has used homosexuals, lesbians and transgender individuals to pervert, corrupt and openly STEAL language which does not apply, fit, or define the facts and you comply with this perversion, corruption and theft?

Why do you comply?

Below my comments there is an article by American Family Association founder Tim Wildmon. Mr. Wildmon is a man of God. A Christian. And an excellent writer. I’ve included the article below for two reasons.

1.) It’s titled “How the Loud Left Hijacked Hate”

and it’s very well written pertaining to this topic and should be read by everyone claiming to be a Christian and by non-Christians alike.

2.) Because Mr. Wildmon is guilty of that which he writes about. He is complicit and he and everyone else professing to be God’s, be Christ’s, have Christ within them, following the Holy Spirit and the Word of God needs to cease and desist following the world, appeasing the world and live their faith.

I left Mr. Wildmon’s article intact. I did not replace the euphemisms, the abbreviations softening, deflecting and lessening the acts written about as the world uses, which I normally remove and replace with the actual words and facts.

The wiles of the devil.

The beguiling, seductive cunning of the devil.

The sweet dripping lips of the devil perverting and corrupting language.

The subtilty of the devil.

And of those who serve him.

Homosexuals, lesbians, transgender individuals and all sexually immoral deviants and leftist liberals have not just misappropriated the word ‘hate’ and misused it, used it instantly, automatically against Christians, conservatives or anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

Homosexuals, lesbians, transgender individuals and all sexual deviants and sexually immoral going against God and nature have had their ears wide open to the talents of satan who they serve.

Do not ever forget for one nanosecond that satan is the fourth most powerful being in all the universe.

Do not forget evil presents itself as a lie. As something beautiful and true. Always in its subtle yet so direct manner that it’s all God’s fault. God is really the one to blame.

The left, liberals, homosexuals, lesbians, transgendered and all those serving satan reviled by God, Christ, Christianity, and the inerrancy of the whole complete word of God have learned from their master well.

They swiftly, deftly, in one stroke turn the words, what can be called conversation in these evil times where no real conversation or debate occurs and they make it God’s fault, the Christians fault things are as they are.

Mr. Wildmon discusses this in part in his article.

I’m not here to be redundant with Mr. Wildmon’s article.

My point is this —

No one is really homophobic unless they have a genuine inordinate FEAR OF homosexuals.

A phobia, being phobic only means — HAVING A FEAR OF.

It does not mean having a differing opinion, viewpoint or belief of from practitioners of a certain practice, action, way of life, or belief.

FEAR OF is totally different from having an opposing opinion, viewpoint or belief.

Yet we have allowed, been COMPLICIT of permitting homosexuals and the left to STEAL a perfectly good word and its meaning, corrupt and pervert it, alter it to the point many don’t even know what being phobic REALLY means and now they associate it with anyone who voices a belief opposing the support of homosexuality. A ‘hater’.

Homosexuals are one hundred and eighty degrees opposed to being ‘gay.’ Yet we have again been complicit and allowed homosexuals to be thieves and steal a perfectly good English word, pervert it, corrupt it and forever alter its meaning.

Satan knows perfectly well what he is doing. He knows the words to steal, corrupt, pervert, alter to gain followers and make those who stand with God appear wrong.

Satan is the father of lies. Satan is the master of calling good evil and evil good. Of perverting the truth. Of confusion. Of rebellion. Of evil. He is evil. It only emanates from him.

Evil is not only the face of Hitler as most imagine.

Evil, lies, death, corruption, perversion appeared as the most beautiful creature created. Beguiling. Enticing. Seductive. So easy to look at, listen to and believe.

And evil has never changed or altered its approach since being the serpent in the Garden.

If we want to truly be God’s and Christ’s and claim we have Christ in us?

We need to stop being complicit with evil. With sin. With immorality. With the ways and words, the language of the world.

To use it is not to gain credibility, trust or respect.

To resort to using the corrupted words the world has stolen and use is to just be complicit with them in their abominations, their sins, their lies, their corruption, their immorality.

Christ would not bow to the words of the ways of the world and satan and not call sin sin.

Christ would not bow to the world and people to appease them. Use euphemisms, abbreviations and use corrupted inaccurate speech.

Why do we if we are His and have Him in us?

The world judging us does not determine our eternity. The world cannot condemn our spirits to hell. God judges and only God’s judgment matters. Why let what the world thinks affect you so? Why not more concerned with how God sees us?

God and Christ have never changed. Ever. They remain the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yet men and women somehow believe God and Christ change and adapt with the times to fit the times.

To believe such is to hear and believe the words of the devil.

You’re not hearing and believing the words of God.

Stop using the word ‘phobic’ unless you have a genuine FEAR OF homosexuals in your discussions or writing.

And if you genuinely fear them why do you? They are just another kind of sinner needing God and repentance before they perish with other sinners who refuse God, refuse repentance, refuse the word of God and reject Christ as Christ of the Bible is — not as the world has corrupted Christ to be.

Stop using the word ‘gay’ to describe a sexually immoral, sexually deviant, abnormal, against God and nature act. There is nothing gay about it.

Stop using the politically correct, deflecting, softening, distracting abbreviations and letters and not using the factual words to describe homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism and bisexuality.

What? You’re so pressed for time you can’t take the one and a half seconds it would take to speak it, write it out, type it out? Instead you resort to what satan wants you to do? Use the abbreviations to soften, deflect, distract and not call sin sin?

Lastly, satan and those serving him — liberals, the New Age politically correct who serve paganism, hedonism, self and the devil — homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals and all sexually immoral and sexually deviant STOLE God’s rainbow to use as their symbol.

Do not sit COMPLICT about this fact.

Each of us is going to be brought before the Lord in judgment and to give an accounting.

You really think you’re telling the Lord you used the language of the world because you didn’t want to stand out, be different, you wanted to appear as living, understanding and modern is going to cut it?

The love of God, the love of Christ, Spiritual love, the love within the word of God is not the love of the world or as the world thinks of, knows, or defines love.

To be tolerant of sin, to be complicit of sin is not love. Not Christian love.

Christian love is knowing God’s and Christ’s truths and ways and caring enough about an individual we want them to turn from serving satan, abandon their old selves, abandon their worldly ways and to repent and turn to God and Christ and become renewed of mind and spirit. Be to a true disciple of Christ’s.

Liberals who push the devils agenda cannot be thus.

Practicing homosexuals, lesbians, transgender and bisexual individuals cannot be thus.

Churches, pastors, denominations who preach and practice the ways of the world, of satan, of these sexual immoralities while espousing you must accept, embrace and tolerate them because of love cannot be thus.

Do not be deceived.

Do not be afraid of telling any pastor, any Christian writer, any professed Christian to stop being complicit in evils agenda and to stop using the word phobic in discussing the sin of homosexuality, to stop using the word gay to describe that which goes against God, all Scripture and nature, to stop using euphemisms and abbreviations in describing that which is immoral, against God, nature and the word of God.

It’s because of being complicit we’ve allowed this to reach the point it has.

Further complicity will only result in our judgement and more sinners and individuals doomed to eternal damnation rather than salvation.

Silence is not golden in this area.

Silence is complicity.

Individuals who stand firmly and boldly for the truths of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible are not haters, they are not phobic, they are not satan’s or this worlds.

Those who appease, tolerant sin and refuse to call sin sin, those refusing to judge wisely, to discern wisely, to judge all things if they are of God or this world? They are the true haters — haters of the truth, of God, of Christ, of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible which convicts the hearts and minds of the guilty.

Silence is complicity.

Let us no longer be complicit allowing satan to have his way. If we truly do love the sinner and desire to see sinners repent and turn to God and become renewed of mind and spirit we cannot achieve that by being complicit with satan, sin, evil and the world and its agenda.

We can’t serve two masters. Or have our cake and eat it too.

Time to stand and be bold, speak, write for the Lord and the truth or else be of the world.

There is no having it both ways.


How the Loud Left Hijacked Hate

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
By Tim Wildmon
Reprinted from: American Family Association
One of the most insidious impacts of the “progressive” movement of the last 20 years is the way the voices of the liberal left have imposed politically correct language on the American public by creating new meanings for old words.

For example, in an attempt to quash reasoned dialogue on important cultural and moral issues, the misuse of the word “hate” has worked very well for the left against conservative Christians. Most Americans – especially Christians – recoil at the idea of hating people. Rightfully so. Therefore, if one can establish hate as the motive for opposing a particular issue or behavior, it sabotages any real debate. End of discussion.

The progressive parade is crowded with societal movers and shakers. They control much of our culture – media, education, entertainment, business, and government. The legions are led by a fervent few, religious zealots in their own right.

Their religion is called secular humanism. For them, man is god, and there is no higher power to answer to. They reject Christianity and the morality of the Bible unless they can co-opt and twist it to further their own agenda. Their goal? To crush Christianity and rob it of its historical and traditional impact on our nation.

And it is working within and without the church.

Let’s look at how progressives use the concept of hate against Christians. Think about this for a moment.  The idea of hate has no meaningful context outside a biblical one. In other words, if God doesn’t exist to reward and punish, what difference does it make if I hate someone? Why is it wrong? It’s wrong because there is a God, and He defines love and hate.

In fact, God has charged His followers to spread the word that He loves all people and calls them to turn away from their sin and seek Him. When we do this, however, we almost always run into conflict with the progressives’ rejection of God and His standards.

For example, when it comes to human sexuality, progressives have done a masterful job of seemingly turning Christianity against Christians. How? By convincing the general public – and even many Christians – that to speak against homosexuality or transgenderism is in fact hateful. Thus, Christians must be haters, even though their Bible and their creeds teach love. It’s akin to saying that because Christians believe drunkenness is a sin, we, therefore, hate the person who is drunk. The teaching of “hate the sin but love the sinner” is not allowed by the progressives.

One illustration of this is North Carolina’s HB 2, which simply states that on government property, one must use the restrooms, showers, and changing areas that match one’s biological sex. Progressives immediately denounced and declared it a hate bill. End of debate.

Then there are many stories of businesses owned by Christians being told they must participate in homosexual wedding ceremonies or be closed down. Those Christian business owners were motivated by hate, said the progressives. End of discussion.

In Mississippi, where I live, the legislature passed, and the governor signed, a law protecting people of faith from being forced to participate in homosexual weddings. That law, according to the progressives, is a sign of hatred toward lesbians and gays.

It’s hard to fight back against a barrage of lies when they’re repeated 24/7 by the liberal media, and when well-funded LGBTQ activist groups pound on the doors of politicians and corporate executives demanding support and promising punishment if they dare side with those hate-filled Christians.

Unfortunately, many weak-kneed Christians quickly fold on this issue. They either distance themselves from their fellow Christians or they go silent. In either case, it’s shameful and cowardly.

The Bible is clear that the act of homosexuality is a sin. That has been the teaching of the church for 2,000 years. But subscribing to this teaching today, according to progressives, is unacceptable in this new world they are attempting to create. A world without the Christian God, but rather man, as supreme.

The truth: Christians do not hate lesbians, gays, or transgendered people. And without Christians, America would be a much meaner, much uglier place to live. American Family Association has never advocated hate for anyone, nor have we ever said anything but that God loves sinners and calls us all to repentance.

But we refuse to call right wrong or wrong right, and we will continue to stand on the Word of God and proclaim the truth therein.

End of debate.


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