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Drinking Sand

Drinking Sand     by Ken Pullen Scripture used from the King James Version appears in Italics copyright © 2018 by Ken Pullen / A Crooked Path (with permission of author to reprint as long as not done to reap material benefit and including direct link to this webpage)       They drink sand attempting […]

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Signs Of The Times: The Atheist Minister & The Congregation That Supports Her

PREFACE Think on these things…the professed Christian church, the people of our world, our language, our minds are at this point in history so lost, so darkened, so reprobate we have Christian writers actually calling a professed atheist a “minister” and a “reverend” and a “Christian.” This goes beyond the definition of oxymoron. Think on […]

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The Power of Godliness

The Power of Godliness by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam   God would have us live as His own sacred possession, separate from this world-system, but godliness is out of style these days. Religious leaders in ever greater number are telling us that to win the world we must become part of it and to win […]

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The One True Church

PREFACE Today’s thousands of separate denominations all saying different things are the ongoing and continuing to be built Tower of Babel. according to one source as of 2012 there were over 43,000 professed Christian denominations. Not godly. Not of God. Not of Christ. Not of Scripture. All of man’s doing. Or woman’s. There is to […]

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