All the self-help books summed up in 10 words

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All the self-help books summed up in 10 words


by Ken Pullen


Monday, January 15th, 2018


“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:”

From Proverbs chapter 23, verse 7.


Everyone is always looking for the next big cure. The next new diet which will not alter how they truly are or live, the next person elected to office who they think will make the world a better place while human nature remains just as it has since the Garden of Eden and there is no new thing under the sun.

We have an endless production of new pharmaceuticals being released constantly, new medications, now procedures, new technologies with everyone searching thinking the next thing will be the answer, what they have been searching for, what will finally save them!

Eight words in the English language are what saves any person: Faith and obedience in Jesus Christ the Lord.

Imagine if you will…as a man, as a person thinks in his heart so is he!

Aren’t you glad you bought all those self-help books for $19.95, or $29.95 written by worldly men who never really provided the answer like those 10 words from Proverbs?

We are an excuse laden finger-pointing running from accountability, responsibility truth about ourselves people. We imagine in our weakness and fear we can find solace, the answers in some book. Some doctor, some so-called expert, some psychologist, some noted and followed TV guru, some celebrity — some book someone wrote holds the key to helping us be better, achieve our goals, conquer our fears, and so on.

There is only one source of truth and self-help.

The Scriptures. The Holy Bible. God’s inerrant living word.

Every word of it. Every jot and tittle is contained within the Scriptures with reason, for a reason. Seek them out rather than any man or woman and you will not only find the truth but the answer to any question, fear, concern and problem which has happened to anyone and everyone on earth in history or can or will happen to every person on earth at some point in their life, in history.

We need to be of the thinking in our hearts on God and Christ and things heavenly and eternal. On the big stuff. The real stuff.

We need to think and hold within our hearts, if ever asked the question, “If stranded on a deserted island what one material thing would you want to have with you?” our automatic reply to be “God’s word.”

Why wait until stranded on a deserted island?

We all are already stranded on deserted islands all about us. This vain, racing, self-occupied, self-consumed, worldly ways consumed world of people, places and things. Each day pushing God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible further and further away, or if mentioning, including at all corrupting and perverting the truth and word of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

We all are actors in this life. Whether we admit that or not. We do not always, every minute of every day display for the world, for those we work with, go to school with, go to church with, live with, and are related to display the truth and thinking within our hearts.

But God knows and sees.

God knows our every thought. Our every word. What is contained within our hearts.

If we place Him and His Son, Jesus Christ the Lord in our hearts, in our thinking foremost, and if we place our trust, our complete faith in the Comforter, the Holy Spirit which Jesus promised us and we think on Them and this within our hearts, obeying God and Christ we are in need of no other man, woman, or book to see us through this sin-filled tumultuous earthly life.

We do not need anything TV can provide.

We do not need anything any self-help practitioner claims they can provide to improve our lives.

What do you think?

And hold within your heart?

I hope and pray it is God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the whole inerrant word of God which has led you to repentance for your sins, confessing of your sins and thus forgiveness of your sins by Jesus Christ the Lord as you have committed your life to Him as Lord of your life, as His disciple renewed of mind and spirit gaining eternal life provided you do not backslide and fall away, are not led astray by the myriad false teachers and their unsound doctrine removing so many from the truth.




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