The U.N. are not God


The U.N. are not God


by Ken Pullen


Sunday, December 17th, 2017


The corrupt body known as the United Nations are not God. Contrary to their delusion they are. See: No vote of worldly men and women of the U.N. Security Council can alter the word, ways, will or plan of God Almighty.

Are you under the impression Israel did not exist until the United Nations created it in 1948?

If so, you are among the most massively ignorant, befuddled and manipulated on this earth who believe such a fallacy. The so-called sophisticated, worldly educated men and women of the current United Nations are under the impression it was their predecessors who created Israel and therefore they can determine every law, statute, whim and way the nation of Israel responds to their pulling the strings as if they are puppeteers and Israel their marionette.

Egypt doesn’t determine which city is Israel’s capital. Just as Israel has never interfered with Egypt determining its capital Egypt needs to sit back humbly, quietly and allow Israel to call the city God determined as Israel’s capital over 3,000 years ago to be Israel’s capital.

The ignorance and arrogance of man never ceases. The evil in the heart of man only increases.

Still building the Tower of Babel.

Still denying God.

Still playing God.

Still exercising 24/7/365 and 366 in leap years their bitter hatred of Jews, of God’s Holy land God laid out and determined would by the Promised Land of His chosen people.

Which the world spits, spews, despises and gnashes its teeth over relentlessly.

While men and women imagine they can sit around highly polished wooden tables and hash out borders, peace, human nature and hand down edicts, directives, laws, orders, statutes and words which vanish upon the air once spoken to shape and form this world.

Israel was determined by God.

Long, long ago.

The United Nations had nothing to do with the establishment of Israel. They were just an instrument used at the time by the hand of God to restore His nation by His will. Yet the men and women of that unholy worldly body imagine in vain themselves to be responsible, that it was their will being done, they were and are the gods we ought to obey.

Jerusalem is first mentioned in the Book of Judges. The Book of Judges, or more accurately from the (Hebrew: shoftim שופטים). Judges 1:8 estimated to be written about 1,435 to 1,450 B.C. A little bit longer than the United Nations has been around.

Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish nation of Israel for OVER 3,000 years. Israel, Jerusalem and the Jews having Israel as their nation and Jerusalem as their capital goes back OVER 3,000 years. Best to study, ponder, search out and believe that truth rather than the lies of the United Nations, Egypt, or any Islamist or Western nation contesting the validity, the REALITY that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and Israel is the Jews nation given to them by God. Not man or any organization comprised of men.

And contrary to the lies of the Islamists, Jerusalem is not an Islamist city.

If in doubt? Check the history. Check when Jerusalem was on Islam’s and Muslims radar and they finally paid attention to Jerusalem.

The Holy Bible, Scriptures, the Torah are THEE ONLY truly truthful and accurate history books on earth. No bias. No conjecture. No theory. No errors and omissions due to human frailty or agendas.

Do not be deceived.

Man in his evil heart and sinful nature imagines himself to be god, equal to God as Satan whispers those beguiling egotistical lies into the hearts and minds attempting to remover, distort, corrupt the truth but no matter the efforts of man he will never supplant the truth or power of God Almighty. Never supplant the inerrant living Word of God with any resolutions, man-made laws or statutes, proclamations or edicts.

God rules.

Not the United Nations which are anything but united.

Not man. Not woman.

God rules and the only statutes anyone needs to follow or obey are those given and laid out by God our Father in His word, His will, His ways — the Holy Bible. The Scriptures.

Please pray fervently, daily for the nation of Israel. For God’s city of Jerusalem. For the Jews. For believers worldwide to not succumb to the wiles of the devil and fall away into worldly beliefs. For believers to become true and remain true to the inerrant word of God.



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