Archive | December 10, 2017


Why the Masterpiece Cake Case Matters to All Americans

PREFACE: While Dr. Brown is an excellent writer, and is listed as a “Christian apologist” on the American Family Association website he insists upon using the euphemism, the misleading and erroneous worldly word “gay” to define and describe the abomination and perversion of abnormal sexual behavior known as homosexuality. We cannot fall prey to, fall […]

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Newsflash: Jerusalem Not on Fire!

PREFACE Anyone who’s foundation of belief is built upon fantasy, delusion and out and out distortions and lies has great difficulty digesting and understanding facts, truths and history they never permitted to be part of their beliefs. Modern-day Westerners, journalists (the vast greater part whom are very biased, very left minions of Satan), Islamists who […]

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