Just because something never happened before….

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Solar storm (flare)


Just because something never happened before…

in your lifetime, or ever, does not mean it never will


by Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Thursday, November 30th, 2017


Far too many are lulled into believing just because something never happened before, or ever happened in their lifetime, it shall never happen.

We can go to a very recent event in our history to illustrate this fact.

I’m going to be sixty-five years old in a matter of weeks, Lord willing I’m still alive in those coming future days, and in my lifespan I always heard it said, “Real estate ALWAYS appreciates in value, you will NEVER LOSE money, never lose equity if you invest in real estate.”

And while I didn’t see that anywhere chiseled into marble and I didn’t subscribe to those words made of mere breath by men and women almost every person I encountered in my life, if discussing home buying, real estate, so on would utter the above words or some paraphrase of them.

Then came 2007, 2008 in the United States of America.

Few had been paying attention to the lies and mythologies of credit default swaps (which are ignored to this day and more widespread than ever before so an even greater fall, day of reckoning is on our horizon), what was taking place in the U.S. government with regard to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the entire real estate mortgage industry.

And the bubble burst and there was great fallout. A lot of financial, economic, social destruction as a result.

All the while folks subscribing to the errant belief, the total fallacy that real estate could never, would never decline and always appreciate. Because they were told that. And believed it to be fact. Only based upon the weak evidence of a major decline never occurring in their lifetimes (although anyone born in the 1920’s wasn’t as keen to get on the bandwagon of real estate only appreciates since they lived through something ignored by the majority alive now — The Great Depression).

But this isn’t about that. That was merely given as illustration.

This is about refusing to believe Bible prophecy.

Doubting and ignoring the Holy Bible, or if somewhat aware refuting, twisting, denying and perverting what the Bible tells us interjecting finite worldly knowledge and understanding refusing to believe in the vastness and directness of the inerrant Word of God, Christ, the prophets and the Apostles.

When the Scriptures tell us we are in the latter days, within the great falling away, in Romans 1 where mankind is given over to reprobate minds and rolling about washing themselves in the filth and lies of unrighteousness people, even those professing to be Christians, refuse to believe the infinite power of God, the vastness of God’s abilities and knowledge and might.

Reducing God and Christ down to our levels of understanding. Attempting to assign things known and seen to what is taking place, or what can and will take place. Refusing to see the infinite power of God in their finite minds.

I’ve heard many, and read in the past many people who are professed Christians speak and write of how they interpret such Biblical events as every eye seeing the return of Jesus Christ.

Almost to a one they ascribe worldly powers and worldly ways to this, writing or speaking how with technology now and almost everyone having a mobile device, a computer, a TV set the world will watch the return of Christ on some little glowing screen.

I say, nay, no way! Do not diminish the power and word of God to our level of understanding!

I believe the Bible when God’s word declares every eye shall see, every ear hear, and every knee bow at the sight of the Lord’s return. No matter where on earth, when the Lord returns and is coming from the clouds, from above? It will not be through CNN, an iPhone, a mobile device or a TV set that is the power making that possible. It is the infinite power of God and Christ.

God does not need a TV network, a human corporation or device to make His word known, seen and felt among every person on earth.

Do not limit God.

Do not reduce Him or the Scriptures and Biblical prophecy down to our limited knowledge, our technology, our ways of thinking and understanding. God’s thoughts and ways are not our ways and we can’t begin to comprehend the infinite power of God, the number of dimensions, realms and what is truly existing, what is truly possible. We hold what amounts to one neutron of one molecule of water worth the knowledge compared to the oceans, seas, underground wells, rivers, lakes and streams of God’s knowledge in comparison.

Expand your understanding. In turn it will increase your faith and trust in the Lord.

Do not limit or reduce God and the Bible down to our level. Attempt to rise up to meet God and the Bible even though in this realm, in the flesh we never will achieve that let us reverse our trend of lowering God and begin allowing God to elevate us closer to Him, His ways, His word.

Few seem to be aware of or pay attention to something called space weather. Solar activities. Few probably think of the sun at all unless it’s raining where they live, a cloudy day, or blistering hot, or one of those perfect sunny days and folks plan on doing something outside to take it all in.

Few think about Biblical prophecy and the power and ability of the sun, of electro-magnetic activity, of solar storms and flares and what they are capable of:


It Came From Outer Space…


Space Weather


Dutchsinse — Earthquake Live 3D


Solar storm images


The above are either viable information or tools available to discern more. God does not want us ignorant and oblivious. Satan does. Rather than following worldly wisdom and knowledge let us follow God’s ways and the Holy Bible while using selective worldly knowledge to increase our spiritual wisdom and understanding. Do not enter into this alone, or using your own mind and ego. Enter into this in humble prayer asking the Lord to through the Holy Spirit increase your individual spiritual wisdom and understanding to strengthen you for the times and the days ahead.

See the source image

Scripture tells us there will be signs in the heavens. Signs in the sun, in the moon and in the stars.

Scripture also tells us what is coming to this earth is going to be the worst times in human history. Greater tribulation, pain, troubles and events than the world has ever witnessed before or ever will. Vast numbers of people are going to die. Plagues. Famines. Pestilence. Disease. Men and women will gnash their teeth, be covered in boils, the sun will wax hot, much of the grasses, trees, vegetation and animals will perish. Much of the seas will die. These are not metaphor, fantasy, or something off in some never-never future. These events are beginning to occur now. We are living in the last of the last days which began as soon as Christ died on the cross and three days later resurrected from the dead. The end times have been occurring for 2,000 years. We’re reaching the end. The conclusion of human history on this earth as it has been known.

God gave each of us a brain. To not only regulate our respiration, allow us to see, hear, speak, and move about — God gave us a brain with the ability to learn, reason, rationalize, be objective, and discern truth from fallacy, what the priorities ought to be and to see something, use it wisely, and build our foundation of understanding.

Not to continue to serve this world and Satan.

But to see more clearly. understand more deeply. Prepare and watch for the return of the Lord. To see all the threads of the fabric of world events, trends and beliefs being woven into the completed garment of Biblical prophecy.

Do not be lulled.

Do not be deceived.

Just because something never happened ever before, or might never have occurred in your lifetime, or in the nation in which you live? Does not mean certain events will never occur in your lifetime, where you live.

Let us pray.

Let us turn to God more each day.

Let us place our faith, increase our faith in the Lord and in His inerrant word.

Increasing our awareness, discernment and understanding — our knowledge of events relating them to Scriptures as we wait, watch and prepare for the return of Jesus Christ the Lord.


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