by Ken Pullen


Wednesday, November 15th, 2017


If you have not yet read the article in the link below please open the link and do so. It is very important or I would not ask this.

ARTICLE POSTED ON ACP ON NOVEMBER 14th, 2017 — Delaware ponders allowing students to pick race and gender, hide it from parents

Towards the bottom of the article readers will see:

The Delaware Family Policy Council is urging the public to comment on this proposed regulation here.

Public comment is open until December 4, 2017.


Please take a few moments to respond to the Delaware Family Policy Councils request. The whole reason issues such as this have even become part of our culture, our society is due to overall apathy, silence, being thus complicit in the advancement of sin and abominations occurring.

Do not sit idle and silent in the face of sin and evil.

I replied to the request from the Delaware Family Policy Council. Below is my reply. Use their guidelines but in your own words respond — I implore you. Children nationwide are being indoctrinated in deviant and abnormal behaviors. This evil agenda is being forced on them when they are most impressionable and being done bypassing the parents — because evil knows it true intent and knows many parents if aware would object since the deviant and abnormal behaviors being pushed in an attempt to increase homosexuality and the mental illness of transgenderism only presently exists in 0.02% to 2% of the overall population, and evil desires to greatly increase that number through indoctrination of America’s children — as early as kindergarten.

Do not remain idle and silent since you now know this.

Take action. Today.

Before December 4th, 2017


Here is my reply to the Governor of Delaware and to the Delaware Department of Education:

I realize I am not a Delaware resident and therefore you might feel compelled and justified to totally discount my input but what your the state of Delaware’s Dept. of Education is proposing is spreading nationwide. And it is taking our children, our nation in the wrong direction contrary to what the proponents of this heinous regulation proposes.

Regulation 225 does not protect the privacy and rights of all students. It only is designed to protect the rights of those with abnormal proclivities and behaviors — something cultures and societies have for centuries invested resources into not allowing to become mainstream to erode cultures and societies. Allowing deviant behaviors as normal is not progress.

Regulation 225 It makes it legally permissible for a boy to identify as a girl at any time and be able to compete on girls’ sports teams because of how gender is defined in the regulation. Section 6.4 is meaningless. It allows students to identify as a different race as well as gender, at any age, without the consent of his/her parents.

Regulation 225 permits students to be taught about gender identity as early as kindergarten, and parents are not required to know about it. This is a destructive regulation. It would exist to indoctrinate deviant behaviors to young children when vitally impressionable and if those proposing Regulation 225 were honest this is exactly the reason they propose to make this part of the Delaware’s public education system. It is designed to break down the foundations of society and to promote abnormal and deviant behaviors as normal, which they are not. Even top experts in the psychiatric department of Johns Hopkins hospital have written papers stating as much. We do not send our children to school to be indoctrinated in deviant and abnormal behaviors.

We want all students to feel valued and safe. Delaware has laws to address discrimination and bullying. Regulation 225 is not necessary and creates more issues than it solves.

Regulation 225 is a violation of parental rights and fails to protect the privacy and safety of all students. And the vast majority cannot be bullied and threatened in order to appease what amounts to between 0.02% to 2% of the total population.

You are vocal and adamant regarding bullying and not tolerating people as they are yet you desire to ramrod Regulation 225 into Delaware’s public schools with total disregard, bullying and being completely intolerant and completely unaccepting of 98% of the populations behaviors.

Regulation 225 is not about equality, fairness, or justice. Nor is it about tolerance — at its root, and those proposing this know this whether they would ever admit it — is to promote, elevate, indoctrinate and place above equality and the rights of others the homosexual, lesbian and transgender agenda.

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