The Lost Refusing to Allow God’s People to Be Found

Illustration by Katherine Brown


The Lost Refusing to Allow God’s People to Be Found


by Ken Pullen


Friday, October 6th, 2017


There exists a population of those professing to be followers of God and believers in Christ who aid and fuel evil on this earth. A population of professed “Christians” who stoke the fires of decline, corruption and erosion of foundations and principals all under the pretense they are doing so in order to expedite the return of Jesus Christ.

Evil, unrighteousness is never justified.

The means do not justify the end.

Anyone who embarks on the delusional ship leaving the port of reason and Scripture charting their own course rather than God’s course and plan are asking to be shipwrecked and lost at sea.

None are on the level of God and none should imagine they have such power.

It is imaginable that if these very same people were asked if it were possible for science to clone a human being right now, or replace human beings with robots they would respond no man or woman should act like they are God, yet this is what these very same do in either doing nothing and remaining silent in the face of growing, advancing evil and abomination all around, or they actively take part in the spread of unsound doctrines, they aid and abet the false teachers and false teachings increasing by the day.

No true disciple of Jesus Christ’s turns their back on evil nor remains silent it its sight.

No true disciple of Jesus Christ would ever aid in the spread of evil, or attempt to justify serving evil in the hope it would quicken the return of the Lord.

That is proof positive of being of reprobate mind and serving wickedness over the rightness — the righteousness of God our Father and Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Do I long for Christ’s swift return?

Most certainly!

Yesterday would not have been soon enough as I witness the growing evil all around and the masses of lost walking in darkness serving evil hoards.

But I can only know God’s plan through a glass darkly at this time — and if I would aid and abet evil — aid and abet THE ENEMY in the delusion and lie it will expedite Christ’s return I am going against God’s plan and acting as if I am the one with the power to close the door on salvation.

For you see, God, and only God and Christ and the Holy Spirit know who’s names are contained in the Book of Life and who is yet to have their cold dark heart warmed and enlightened to God’s voice so that they humble themselves, ask forgiveness of their sins, and commit themselves to serving Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord of their life.

None of us knows who is yet to be saved.

And instead of pining away working for THE ENEMY, Satan, being deceived and serving wickedness rather than righteousness deluding ourselves we can quicken Christ’s return we ought to live each moment in prayer, being the salt of the earth and a light unto the world so that those yet to harken to the voice of God can see Him in us and glorify His name.

From the beginning, in the Garden, all God wanted and asked of us is for us to be His companions, to be His friends, to obey Him and He would provide us every need and thing required and provide us a pain-free eternal life in Paradise in return.

But that was not good enough for willful man and woman.

They had to disobey God their Creator and listen to the lies of the most beguiling and beautiful serpent, that Old Dragon the devil.

And nothing has changed since that eventful day and the Fall of Man.

Yes, the world is bitter, full of evil and growing darker. Sin increases. Abominations increase. Sorcery, lying, immorality, violence all increase by the day.

But we are not to add fuel to this fire, we are not to add souls to the eternal lake of fire by imagining we can bring about the return of Christ the Lord.

We are sorely amiss if we think our apathy, our following corruption, lies, and unsound doctrine, our following the world will speed the return of Christ and we still count ourselves among the elect!

Can you say how many more people on this earth are yet to have their hearts melted and to hear the voice of the Lord calling them and they becoming His?

Why can’t we instead light the way, and flavor our speech, our every deed and day with the word of God rather than aiding the enemy?

God will send His Son back to this sordid, sin-filled wicked earth soon enough.

We are to be lights upon a hill to shine forth with the word of God living within us, with Jesus Christ living within us!

Not to enjoin the darkness and become more of the lost.

Put on the full armor of the faith. The full armor of the complete living word of God and let the light within us, which is only possible with God, through God, through our faith and obedience to be seen and to witness and live lives acceptable and pleasing to God our Father and may we yell outright at the devil, or those ministers of the devil trying to lead us astray.

Jesus will return when it is time. No sooner. No later.

The Lord will return on the very exact correct second on the very correct day. No sooner. No later.

And we ought to live each day God blesses us with air in our lungs, blood coursing thorough our veins and heart as ministers of His, servants of His being examples and perhaps being seen, heard, watched by one person that can see God in us and they turn to God, turn to Christ and seek repentance, seek forgiveness, seek the Lord with all their heart and they become saved through the faith and obedience in the shed blood of Jesus Christ the Lord!

And let God be God.

Let Christ come again when it is time for Him to come again — no later, no sooner — and in the meantime we serve Him humbly and diligently rather than serving this world and he who has domino over it for a season.

Do not be deceived.

Flee from wickedness — even if it appears as an angel of light but in your heart and soul you know it just isn’t right…


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