Controlling Information (VIDEO)

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Controlling Information (VIDEO)


by Ken Pullen


Friday, August 11th, 2017


Power comes in information control. Every dictator and empire in history has known this. Satan knew this in the Garden of Eden. A microcosm of what is NOW worldwide, not some science fiction future, and is being honed to evils perfection, let’s call it Google brain, or Internet slavery, was seen in recent history in Germany. In which the embodiment of evil controlled all information and the entire populace through its ministry of propaganda.

In George Orwell’s book 1984, which was written as fiction but in our day is becoming non-fiction, he wrote;

“Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure forgotten, the lie became truth.”

And there existed in Orwell’s 1984 one source of all information — Newspeak. Which was a controlled language by a totalitarian state to limit freedom of thought and concepts that posed a threat to the regime in power.

The fictional has become reality because “Newspeak” is now defined literally in our world as —“ambiguous euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda.”

They who control the information control the people of the world.

Such human devices as Google, Facebook, and the Internet which are promoted as being beneficial, improving the condition of human beings and being benign — just this neutral altruistic thing to make life better for everyone is in truth as evil and pernicious as the serpent in the Garden telling Eve, “surely you will not die!” Eat that which tastes good, is beautiful, and will add to your knowledge even though God has instructed you not to. Do everything else, no other rules or things to obey other than do not eat of the tree of knowledge for it will lead to death.

Now Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the Internet project themselves as being the central source of knowledge. Communication. Information.

Except it isn’t benign. It isn’t objective or balanced information. It’s skewed and biased and controlled by algorithms and artificial intelligence and evil men which appear wonderful such as Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg among others.

Orwell writing everything faded into mist and the past was erased is NOT fiction.

UNESCO is doing this very deed daily. Removing and erasing known world history and replacing it with lies that suit and fit the ideology of that which is swiftly assuming power.

U.S. history textbooks now feature revisionist history and concern themselves more with political correctness and manipulating the mind of the reader to accept a universal modern world view rather than the truth.

The truth and what is known as “facts” become entangled and blurred and evil knows if something is said enough, no matter how great a lie it can and will become known as FACT! And impossible to extract, remove, and correct in the minds of those which have heard it, read it, over and over.

Here is something I wrote about on a purely world event / political blog I operated many years ago prior to becoming truly renewed of mind and spirit and turning my life over to God and Christ. The United States in a 1972 Treaty Grants the United Nations CONTROL OVER AMERICAN HISTORICAL LANDMARKS

Still don’t believe this? Do a Bing image search on your own. Type in: “United Nations control of U.S. monuments and historical sites” — and see what pops up on your screen.

I’ve written of this and told folks and they refuse to believe this TRUTH. We have surrendered control of our historical sites over to the United Nations, which is a purely evil entity, and they have ALREADY COMMENCED in the erasure and restructuring of history. Creating “facts” from lies and removing the truth of history.

Evidence of the beginnings of this have already been witnessed happening in America by the removal of various monuments and changing the names of various historical sites in the South.

Under the guise of “political correctness” and creating a “unified world” historical sites such as Jefferson’s Montpelier and Washington’s Mount Vernon will either be razed, or their history rewritten because those Founding Fathers already are treated like dung in current history books since they owned slaves, and on some U.S. history books our first president is given a handful of paragraphs in total, in which the focus is placed on how effeminate he dressed.

Make no mistake — history and the truth are being erased.

The erosion has been underway for some years now and is gaining steam.

And all history and truth WILL BE ERASED. It’s happening daily worldwide and much faster than realized.

And few if any protest or speak out about this. People like being manipulated and controlled. Having their information spoon fed to them devouring whatever flavor of the day is served up to them never questioning anything. Falling into goosestep lockstep with all those around them not wanting to appear as if standing out from the crowd.

The erasure and truth of God’s Word has not escaped this concerted world effort. The perversion, corruption and removal of the truth of God’s inerrant Word and replacing it with Satan’s lies is paramount to the efforts underway and moving speedily along.

We even have homosexual specific “Bibles” printed and in use. We have “feminist” ideology “Bibles” and all manner of “Bibles” being published to conform to the worlds philosophies and views totally removing the WORDS OF GOD!

We have more people who profess to be Christian turning to what is marketed as Christian NOVELS and FICTION then turning to the inerrant Word of God.

Truth is being removed. Everywhere. Not just in the Holy Bible.

And being replaced with the lie.

Which is told enough that it becomes fact and cannot be refuted in the mind of the beholder.

Case in point? The homosexual movements agenda and how the lies surrounding homosexuality and sexual perversions and deviant behavior are being explained away and adopted as FACT when the TRUTH refutes everything people have been indoctrinated with. Such as homosexuals are “born that way” as if there is some “homosexual gene” which has been extensively researched and refuted by medical science, or that transgenderism is normal behavior and should be accepted by society when transgenderism is pure mental illness. Johns Hopkins Hospital has conducted long research into the human genome and has concluded there is no “homosexual gene,” and that transgenderism is solely mental illness, not a normal human behavior. Males are males and females are females. Period. This is but one example of the removal of truth replaced with what has become considered FACT over the past 15 to 20 years!

Google is the worlds largest most used search engine. People now use electronic media, electronic devices and the Internet more than any other source for their “information gathering.” And if they see something on Google? Presented as FACT even if it is a lie? It is believed. Without questioning it.

Among older citizens the questioning, the skepticism, the looking to other sources and being doubtful of what is being presented still exists in part. But among younger people? They do not question. They do not seek the truth and quickly adopt that which is presented to them as fact.

A few years back I happened to watch a segment of the TV program “60 Minutes.” In the segment I watched the program had 20 college students assembled and asked them a series of questions. The results were very telling.

“Do you believe what the government tells you?

100% unanimous response — “Yes, the government would not lie.”

“Do you question information you find online or are told?”

“No,” why would they? They are products of the indoctrination of evil which knew once the young people and the educational systems are under its sole control — prayer in schools removed, Bible reading and discussion in schools removed, talk of God and Jesus no longer permitted in schools, and curriculums and faculty filled with liberal world view ideologies that the enslavement of the young minds would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Individual minds are being replaced with Google brain. The control of information is very real and while I imagine I’d hear a universal gasping when I write what is taking place right now supersedes the control of information which The National Socialist German Workers’ Party developed and exerted over the people of Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s I stand firm in stating what the NAZI’S of Germany did is mere child’s play compared to what is taking place RIGHT NOW and is YET TO COME.

And all the world, save the saved in the shed blood and faith of Jesus Christ the Lord will fall for it. Hook. line, sinker, and glowing hypnotic “it must be true if Google and the Internet say so” electronic screen.

We aren’t living the pages of some writers imagination. Reality is not fiction.

It’s much more sinister, evil, and deadly. It has CONSEQUENCES. ACCOUNTABILITY.

What information are you allowing to control and dictate your life? What do you question? Who do you turn to and place your faith in?




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