The Fear of Trusting God: Part 4 in a 5 part series by Marry Lowman


The Fear of Trusting God 

Part 4 in a 5 part series  
Written by Mary Lowman
In examining the fear of trusting God, it is clear that if we truly believe God is who he says he is-the only true God with all power, wisdom and authority-and we believe that he cares for us individually and desires only the best for us, then the only logical conclusion has to be that he is totally trustworthy.
Why is it that you can’t easily let go and trust God? Well, you have three enemies: the world, the flesh and the devil, and you are getting all kinds of conflicting signals from each of them. The world tells you to “Do our own thing;” “Find yourself;” “Do what feels good;” “Go for it!” The flesh says, “You deserve happiness and you have a right to run your life the way you want to!” The devil says, “If you trust God, you most surely will be left to some terrible life. You’ll be miserable and alone.”
If you listen to these voices, then fear takes over and you become convinced that totally trusting God is too risky. Trust is meant only for those few people who somehow have the courage to go into “full time Christian service.” Without realizing it, you have decided that you can trust yourself better than God.
If that’s true, then the fear of trusting God is robbing you of peace, contentment, and is keeping you from the joyful, fulfilled life that you long for. Overcoming the fear of trusting God begins with a recognition of who God is-having a true understanding that he is much smarter than you are, cares about you and loves you, and desires to give you good gifts. This leads you to understand that the only sensible thing to do is to abandon yourself to his care and trust him completely in every area of your life.
God does not negotiate with us. We come his way-through Jesus Christ-or we don’t come at all. But once you really comprehend how totally trustworthy God is, you will be glad to yield to his lordship. It takes the monkey off your back: You are no longer responsible for managing your own destiny. Someone far more qualified is now in charge-the God of all ages-and you can be absolutely sure that his plan for your life will be better than your own.

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