Outrage as parent insists baby be allowed to choose own sex


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If it were in my power to be able to remove the ads, or to stop using abbreviations and euphemisms which weaken and misdirect the truth, example, the use of LBGT done intentionally to misdirect the truth of homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans-gender sexual perversions I would do so, as I do on other postings.

I considered the following news important enough to post and republish here even though I want readers to know I do not like the stipulations required to do so.

Ken Pullen


Friday, July 7th, 2017


Outrage as parent insists baby be allowed to choose own sex

Kori Doty had a baby eight months ago. What is the child’s gender? Well, that’s yet to be decided. According to Doty, only the child can decide which gender it wants to be. Doty, a Canadian who identifies as a “non-binary trans person,” is demanding the government issue Searyl Atli Doty the world’s first “gender unknown”…






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