I read the news today oh boy…


Nazism on America’s Doorstep

I read the news today oh boy…



by Ken Pullen

ACP — A Crooked Path

Friday, June 16th, 2017


And it wasn’t about a lucky man who made the grade. And though the news was really sad, and some would laugh I found it anything but amusing.

I read an article on the World Israel News website titled, “Nazism on America’s Doorstep” by a overly educated rabid Kabbalist, who at the end of the article is described as, “a PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah and an MS in Medical Bio-Cybernetics. He was the prime disciple of Kabbalist Rav Baruch Shalom Ashlag (the RABASH).

The article on its surface will appeal to many with its we’re all one, let’s put our differences aside and all come together, why can’t we all just get along, the key to everything is education, jobs, and diversity bull dung espoused ad nauseam by the left, right, side, middle, up, back, and all around.

Since Kabbalists pursue, study, and practice  Jewish occultism and delving into sorcery the writer of the article, while his title is sort of spot on, no matter the level of his education or his worldly tested IQ greatly misses the mark in the content of his article.

So no one can say I am a Nazi and the poor man can’t defend himself if his words aren’t also viewed here is a link to the article I address this day:

Nazism on America’s Doorstep by Michael Laitman

As in all evil it always appears predominately right, logical, the best path to pursue. It seems to sound good and make sense when its wrapper is viewed, when its shiny surface is in front of someone. Few ever take the time to remove the wrapper and discern the rotted lies, misdirection, fallacies and philosophies of man which directly go against God.

I am going to undertake such a feat today. Dissection. Just like in high school biology class only this time a subject much more important, and while dissection is done on something dead we’re going to witness dissection of the living lies, illusions, dogma, philosophies of man who is with those imaginings in his nature leading millions to their eternal death in this diseased ad dying nation.

The first few paragraphs of the occultist, the Kabbalist and worldly man so educated and held in high esteem for his worldly credentials, Mr. Laitman, appear spot on. When murder and heated hate filled rhetoric go unchecked it should sound a serious alarm throughout the land, and the growing extremism in America and its visible outpouring, how the violence and hatefulness of political differences have to stop and rational discourse take its place — all sounds really, really good doesn’t it? Smart. Sensible. Rational. Logical.

This is how the misdirection and seductive words of evil ALWAYS HAVE snared human beings. Nothing has changed in the tactics and methods of evil since it spoke to Eve in the Garden and man fell to it turning from God and turning the evil, turning to sin, turning to the devil instead.

Evil always at first appears the knight in shining armor. The great light. The great new thing. The best idea. The answer to ones prayers. The best path to pursue. And, once it has captured its prey in its lying light it always takes its prey to the final solution it has in store.

Oh, how quickly people forget that the devil appears as an angel of light! If they ever even know this!


…as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted…

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

2 Corinthians 11: part of verse 3;14-15 — King James Version Holy Bible


And once the individual has been beguiled subtlety by that old dragon and his ministers, appearing as light, then they inject ever so smooth of tongue and soothing to the ears, or pleasant to the eyes the poison of death to the spirit and soul. Paralyzing their prey as the deadly spider snares, bite into and injects its poison rendering its victims unable to move leaving them enslaved while the evil thing sucks the very life out of its prey.

Like this;

“Since the early 1960s, America has been cultivating a culture of liberalism. Liberalism is a great idea as long as those who champion it recognize that we are nonetheless self-centered beings. If we forget this, then instead of centering on social justice and freedom for all, we center on ourselves and deem anyone who disagrees with us as ignorant, narrow-minded, and ultimately vermin that should be exterminated. In other words, self-centeredness in politics leads to Nazism. There is no way to escape it unless we change man’s natural inclination. Today’s America is one step away from Nazism. Therefore, the transformation by education should apply to the entire nation if it is to succeed.”

Now on its surface, to the worldly, educated in the ways of man mind the above statements by Mr. Laitman sound rational and sensible. Sure, freedom for all, blah, blah, blah, let’s get away from being self-centered and through education change man’s nature. We can transform human nature through education.

And the masses buy into this dung.

Make no mistake. I am not anti-education. I am anti- current public education and college and university education in America since it has been commandeered by atheists, pagans, communists, social engineers, humanists and the indoctrination of wickedness turning young minds not only from God and Christ and all things moral and right, but in denying God, Christ, morality, and all things that were good about U.S. for so long. I am of the age when I was young and in elementary school we still had daily prayer and we were not indoctrinated in liberalism, communism, immorality, Satanism, and all things evil. We were educated in history, math, writing, spelling, geography, science, English, and all things to truly educate the individual mind to contribute to a society. I also still remember how all that changed while I was in school, and thankfully I graduated from high school one year after the massive ideological shift in American public education occurred, which transpired in 1970 and has digressed into utter darkness ever since. The colleges and universities were already consumed in communism and immorality and the teaching of evil prior to that time, but it wasn’t until 1970 that American public education took the wrong turn and has been lost ever since.

Human nature has not and never will change.

No amount, level, or degree of education is ever going to change human nature. Human nature was exhibited in the Garden of Eden and has been consistently on display without failure to gravitate towards evil ever since,each day, every minute of every day, all around the world, in every nation and people ever since Eve obeyed the devil and disobeyed God and led her husband to evil as she had been led to evil. Nothing has changed since except more people doing the same thing and the intensity and volume of evil increasing — the darkness spreading removing the light more and more.

Things becoming murky, clouded, perverted and corrupted.

Like this article on Nazism about to grip America.

On it’s surface it appears a good and proper article and addresses something very, very important — the fate of America, the greatest nation ever conceived and ordained by God our Father outside the nation of Israel. What could be more important than the fate of the America and the American people to this world?

And it sucks the reader into its web.

As every article, sermon, commentary, book, video, visit, words of the minsters of Satan always have, always do, and always will. Beguiling. Seducing. Sounding oh so good!


Oh, the erosion, the injection of poison is done ever so slowly,  oh so smooth and subtle  are the words and ways of death, spiritual death into a people, a nation. “Surely you will not die…” Take another bite. Eat of the figurative and literal drugs of death, of evil sinking into your demise from your lingering, spreading spiritual disease!

When we read further into Mr. Laitman’s subtle, beguiling, shiny words of evil which appear on the surface oh so wise and intelligent pointing the way to sanity and safety, to getting along and America becoming this wonderful Utopia where violence is ended and expressing differences only add to “brotherly love” as he contends diversity is the answer. Altering human nature and the individual ego towards “unity” is the solution. Passing of more laws — such as outlawing “incitement” which could mean anything to anyone. I could be considered writing “inciting” words here in this column! All the overly educated massively lost in their thesis and selves (ironically calling for the stemming of individual ego as they push theirs upon everyone else!) go first to the creation and passing of new and more laws under the misguided and false pretense laws will alter human nature and lead the world to peace, safety, and the Paradise they lost but still continually seek.

We have more than enough laws. And laws regarding morality never alter society for the better. We have laws against murder, stealing, forgery, abduction, rape, endangering children, and on and on almost endlessly and we have more murders, theft, deceit, enslavement, sexual depravity and lusts unbridled and our children endangered than at any other time in American history!

Mr. Laitman espouses the same thing the progressive liberals do in our current society — social engineering. Which is as blatant and visible an evil as there is. Mr. Laitman condemns the individual ego while believing men to be gods capable of shaping this world in their image if only they would see their power to do so. Mr. Laitman also espouses working towards a One World Government in so many words, between the lines this is EXACTLY what he is leading towards;

“The ego must not be subdued, but only used in favor of society rather than against it. The ego of each and every one of us must be taught to work toward unity. We must learn to use our individuality in pro-social manners rather than in anti-social ones. Only when we make social unity our prime value will we be able to achieve peace in our society. In today’s political climate, this shift is more than necessary; it is the only way to avoid a total meltdown.”

We must subdue the ego and direct all efforts towards unity. Learn pro-social manners. Everyone become like everyone else although diversity is key, subduing the individual ego while proposing man is god and can determine the outcome of the world be exercising his individual ego, blah, blah, blah…

Make social unity our prime value? Achieve peace in our society?

I certainly do not have the credentials, the letters after my name, the accolades the world heaps upon Mr. Laitman, but what Mr. Laitman fails to see is what he is espousing is in fact the revival en masse of Nationalist Socialism and the indoctrination of an entire society into adhering to one set of principal beliefs and practices. If that isn’t Nazism what then is?

What Mr. Laitman ignores and does not see in his blindness due to his being overly educated and led down the wrong path — the occultist Kabbalist path following Satan, leading to eternal death unless he sees the light, sees and acknowledges God the Father, and Jesus the Son of God and Lord of lords, is that human nature is what it is and no amount of education will ever change it. Man is not a god no matter how they believe themselves to be God. Man determines the course of this world by their obedience to God or their disobedience to God. Period. When man turns to God, repents, obeys God, sees and follows Jesus Christ there is light and life in the world. Breath, water, bread and life. The world is refreshed and renewed and continues on. When man turns from God, imagines themselves to be gods, when they only know evil and their profane and vain ways, when man denies God, denies Jesus Christ, denies the Holy Spirit, denies the inerrant living word of God, when man worships idols and turns to immorality, when man imagines they can bring world peace and man has the answers to all this worlds problems, when man continues denying God and remains deluded and enslaved to sin and Satan? When darkness spreads and the spiritual disease consumes? The world becomes dry, brittle, dead, dark and cold and its days cut short and not numbered as great as if in the Truth, the Light, and the Life.

Mr. Laitman misses the mark. Totally. As most do no matter their level of education. Because they are on the wrong path serving that old dragon the devil, there is no good in them and there is evil and therefore God hath no part in them — and more and more in this sin-filled, dark, spiritually diseased world are turning to occultism, sorcery, witchcraft and more and more are becoming demonically possessed.

And there will be no peace, no progress, no renewal, no life, no Utopia found in those ways although more and more become enslaved to the devil believing his cunning, beguiling voice those evil ways are the way to a better America, a better world.

Woe unto any and all who hear that voice and follow it and deny God, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Spirit and the inerrant living Word of God!

Do not be deceived by the angel of light and his ministers dear ones — do not fall prey, do not fall away, do not become deceived!

Turn DAILY to the Holy Bible. Turn DAILY to God in prayer and endure. Be strong in the ways and teachings of the Lord and do not succumb to the subtle beguiling, seductive words and ways of the devil!

America isn’t turning to Nazism.

There is a rising fascism coming. It can be literally smelt, felt palpable in the air already. It rises and grows like an organ infected with a deadly fungus. And Mr. Laitman doesn’t realize it, his readers don’t realize it, but what he espouses actually propels this nation and its people quicker towards that fascism while appearing in his words to do anything of the sort.

Let’s stop pussyfooting around the truth. Let’s stop acting so high-minded and so educated we always fail — ALWAYS FAIL — to go to the root of the problems, the foundation of the troubles at hand in our world. The “NAZI Party” was in truth the National Socialist German Workers’ Party — or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei in German. The ROOT, the FOUNDATION of the Nazi party was pure evil. Its roots were only on evil. Occultism. Sorcery, Blind world domination fantasies. Creating a super race and ruling the world for a 1,000 years!

Nazism was not, is not an offshoot of democracy and socialism gone awry due to ego as Mr. Laitman contends. Nazism was born solely and totally out of pure evil. Period. The seed, the root, the tree of Nazism was and is nothing more than the seed and root of evil growing and casting its light killing dark shade over people. Nazism is just a euphemism created to describe a political party created by evil men. It was the cloak, the disguise they draped themselves in attempting to legitimize their searing evil minds and cold dead hearts. And a nation followed them! Joyfully! Willingly! Not because people are inherently good as is the lie perpetuated by humanism and the New Age dogmas — but the nation followed them because they were so easily seduced by evil through their inherent evil human natures which rebel against God and always look to man for the answers and FINAL SOLUTION in the hope of eternal life, of Utopia on earth!

Evil ALWAYS comes up with a name to legitimize and disguise itself. The evil thugs of Germany in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s were not going to call themselves “A bunch of really, REALLY evil guys” party.

Study Hitler and he is the poster person for how evil operates and comes into prominence and can consume, dominate, mislead and enslave. First attempt to become LEGITIMATE. Put out a message of lies and rhetoric which seduces and wins the minds of the people over. DISGUISE the root, the foundation, the real intent and purpose until in what appears total control from seducing the people with your lies, and then even then DENY the evil which consumes you and all that you are and do.

Evil has used the same template all throughout history. In all peoples. In all places. Under countless names, organizations, groups, affiliations, denominations, and disguises. Be it Nazism, communism, socialism, Islam, progressivism, liberalism, self-esteem movement, New Age Movement, environmentalism movement, feminist movement — every movement, every organization and ideology, every thing not holy and of God which attempts to push humanism, its own ideal plan for Utopia, peace, safety, prosperity in this world? Go to and examine its ROOTS. Its FOUNDATION. And test the spirits. If not of God and the Spirit of God then it can only be from one other root source — evil. Let’s finally begin calling things, people, places, organizations, ideologies what they truly are instead of being distracted and mislead by their worldly given names. Let’s finally call evil evil and not be afraid to do so.

Nazism was merely a sign unto the people of the world of what is to come on a global scale. Hitler and the Nazi’s will appear as mere amateurs to the world soon when the Antichrist and his false prophet appear and what they have in store for Israel, the Jews, for disciples of Jesus and true believers in God and the Scriptures.

America is turning to evil without any specific name, ideology, or political affiliation. America is turning away from God, Christ, and the Bible.

America has openly rebelled and turned from God, from Jesus, from the Word of Gods and turned to the devil!

No matter what name, organization, ideology, political affiliation, group or denomination a person attempts to attach the cause and blame? It is because of our turning from God, turning from the TRUTH, turning from the inerrant Word of God, from our rebellion and disobedience, from our corrupting and perverting the faith and making it of the world, vile, tainted, dark and evil because we have turned from the Lord and unto idols and paganism and every abomination under the sun — we call them every name under the sun, but it’s all rooted, founded in pure unadulterated EVIL and serving Satan.

That’s all Nazism was and is.

That’s all fascism was and is.

That’s all anything not of God and the pursuit of God truly is. No matter what we attempt to call it, disguise it, or legitimize it. We pursue evil and lie about it all the day long.

It’s why God — Jesus Christ — must return to earth. Because all the people of this earth have an insatiable appetite for evil, easily follow it, deny they are following it as they rebel against God and Him, Jesus Christ. So He must return to gather up the remnant of remaining true believers before they, too, become consumed by the seductions and lies of evil. Destroying the nations following the Antichrist whom they religiously follow. Christ returns to rule from His throne in Jerusalem for 1,000 years before the coming of the new heavens, the new earth and the new Jerusalem — something the overly educated such as Mr. Laitman find difficult or impossible to believe and have faith in — yet they so easily are ensnared in the occult, in sorcery, so easily ensnared by their own egos listening to the sweet soothing lies whispered in their ears by the devil in whom they obey and serve.

So quickly they believe they know the answers, have the solutions, and yet they can’t call things what they really are and still contend man is the real god and all the solutions lie in the hearts and minds of wicked evil men and women.

When they could become so learned and enlightened as never before in their lives — by turning to a reading the inerrant word of God. Not as a book. But first in fervent humble prayer seeking the Holy Spirit of God to indwell them, to open His word to them as to true believers, those with true faith, having the scales removed from their eyes and their hearts thawed and their minds and lives opened to God and Jesus Christ for the very first time.

So it goes.

A day in the life…

I read the news today oh boy…







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