The foolish embassy expectations game


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While moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem might be low on the list of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s list of priorities or not, as Mr. Tobin writes in the article below, and many pro-Israel individuals and groups gave up long ago on attempting to get action from the U.S. government in moving the embassy that does not mean the embassy move is a minor point, or inconsequential.

Place and history are vitally important. Make no mistake. While individuals place high importance on place and history in their own lives they tend to ignore the importance of it in others, even when that history or place makes their piddle spot disappear in comparison. The history of and surrounding the place called Jerusalem trumps that of any individual, or even any other nation.

Imagine, if you will, you have an ancestral home. A wonderful home on land bestowed on you for generations. And you and your family have lived there going back hundreds of years. And whenever someone of authority discusses your ancestral home and land, or they desire to meet with you to discuss something they refuse to acknowledge your right and place to that land and home and insist on meeting you at a Starbucks in the next county.

You would consider that person not only annoying, but a total idiot. Rude. Arrogant. “Who do they think they are to deny this place and land is my home as they refuse to acknowledge that historical fact, and they only will consider me outside of what is rightfully mine?”

Little or no difference in how world leaders and many people in the world — a growing number of people in this lost, blind, spiritually and historically diseased world view Israel and the City of Jerusalem.

Now, imagine, if you will…that ancestral land and home you’ve had in the family for generations was bestowed upon you by the One True Living God? And you knew that. As did the people in authority. Yet they still imagined themselves higher, greater than Almighty God. Thinking oneself outside of, not needing, and higher than Almighty God is exactly what Lucifer did in heaven when he rebelled and was cast out of heaven a.k.a., Satan, the devil, the Adversary, the dragon, that old dragon, the serpent, and on and on.

No different than that.

I have recently written and posted an open letter to President Donald Trump here on A Crooked Path. Which no one has read. I have posted numerous articles on this subject. Which people do not read.


Moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is more than just a nice gesture, or a political move.

It would represent not living in fear of Islam, not living in fear of the world opinion, and doing what is right. What is perfectly spot on right!

It might appear no big deal, inconsequential, and of low priority, and then if such is the case why all the consternation and delay all these many years when the U.S. Congress back in the 1990’s passed a bill to relocate the embassy to Israel’s capital city?

Why the inordinate fear of Islam and bowing to Islam? If they rebel? If they riot? If they reveal themselves to the world for what they truly are within their hearts with a move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem so be it. If such a thing sets them off and they riot and go to war? It only proves they lie when with their lips to the West they declare themselves people of peace desiring to live peacefully with Jews and the nation of Israel.

Did anyone ever, did any person, leader, group, or nation, or collection of nations ever dictate to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Yemen, Turkey, Russia, China, Germany, France,, England, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Nigeria, Algeria, Kenya, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Canada, Brazil, or the United States of America where they could locate their capital and where embassies must be established?

Why then is this only done to Israel?


Seriously. Answer me this question. It is not rhetorical. I want someone to come up with a logical, rational, sound, making sense answer to why Israel is treated unlike any other nation, the Jews unlike any other people, and why the world imagines it can dictate to a nation what they believe is their capital, and if what that nation says is true, or not. Answer me, please.

And if you come at me with, “Well, the United Nations created Israel in 1948 so the nations of the world should be able to tell Israel what to do,” I say to you pick up a Bible. Read it. Study it. And if you do not believe in the Bible? Learn history. Study history of the past 6,000 years.

I’ll be here waiting for your answer as to why Israel and the Jews are the only land and people treated as they are that is rational, logical, critically thought out, objective, sound and with a foundation of truth.

I am very much aware that Iran, Syria, all the Islamic states and nations surrounding Israel are its greatest threat and to defend themselves and preserve their nation is the greatest priority for Israel and the Jews — but moving the U.S. embassy would go far and long to bring about sense and peace even if temporary rioting and rebellion broke out among malcontent demonically possessed Palestinians and Islamists. Once the fires were extinguished they and the world would have to accept and live with the fact the United States of America was indeed, not merely in words, a friend and ally of Israel and the Jewish people, and when we make a law, write a bill in our governments highest branches we abide by those words and laws and bills. We put our actions where our mouth is. We know that Jerusalem is the heart and center of Israel, and its capital. And the entire Islamic world and sin-filled world hating and despising Israel and the Jews would just have to deal with the truth finally.

Life is hard. About time all the liars, fearful, consumed in lies and sin and political correctness, paganisms New Age dogma, liberalism and anti-Israel sentiment learned that fact. About time they stopped getting their way and we stopped appeasing and living to please them and they learned the truth of God, of the Bible, of history, or reality.

Ken Pullen


Wednesday, May 17th, 2017


The foolish embassy expectations game

May 12, 2017


Reprinted from: Jewish News Service



When President Donald Trump heads to the Middle East later this month, the world will be primarily watching closely to see if he makes any of his trademark gaffes that set off a cultural land mine in Saudi Arabia or Israel. But the more important question is whether he will use the trip to actually make policy.

The expectation is that at some point during his visit, Trump will announce the convening of a new Middle East summit. Trump appears to believe in the outside-in approach to peace talks, in which Arab states like Saudi Arabia would play a role in trying to encourage and even muscle the Palestinians into negotiating in good faith with Israel at a peace conference. But whether or not that dubious plan is put into action, Trump’s presence in Jerusalem is also being scrutinized for any hint that the U.S. is prepared to acknowledge his stay at the King David Hotel will be time spent in Israel’s capital.

Though Trump repeatedly pledged during the 2016 campaign he would move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, it hasn’t happened yet. It’s still possible he could do it, perhaps even when he’s there only a day before Israel celebrates Jerusalem Day which this year marks the 50th anniversary of the city’s reunification during the Six-Day War. But few in the know think this is going to happen.

In recent weeks, Trump has been listening to his more mainstream advisers such as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. This has led him to take a more realistic attitude toward NATO, Russia and the conflict in Syria. It’s also likely to mean he will heed their warnings that an embassy move would set off riots in the Muslim world rivaling those occurring in reaction to a Danish newspaper publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. That’s a price that not even a Trump may be willing to pay to keep a promise.

If so, then those pro-Israel activists who pushed hard to pin down Trump on the embassy issue last year will probably write it off as just a noble effort that failed. But by putting the question of Jerusalem’s status back on the national agenda and then failing, they will have made a mistake that could set back Israel’s cause and boost efforts to re-partition the capital.

The effort to move the embassy was once a mainstream Jewish obsession and resulted in numerous Democratic and Republican party platform pledges about recognizing the reality of a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. But after the promise was repeatedly broken, the pro-Israel community got the hint and stopped asking.

Nor was it something the Israeli government was demanding. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would be delighted if Trump were to do as he promised, but the location of the U.S. embassy ranks low on the list of the Israeli leader’s priorities. Netanyahu is far more interested in getting Trump to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority to stop inciting and paying for terrorism, and to understand its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has neither the will nor the ability to ever make peace. Keeping Trump focused on the Iranian threat is also more important to Netanyahu than where the U.S. ambassador spends his workday.

But, like it or not, raising the stakes on the embassy could make Trump’s unremarkable decision to emulate his predecessors look like a defeat for Israel. If the president appears in Jerusalem in the very week when its reunification is being celebrated without acknowledging he rejects the longstanding legal fiction that the city is not Israeli territory, it will be perceived as a setback that might ensure the embassy is never moved.

This will be more than just bad PR for Israel. The world’s refusal to accept that even the parts of the city that were inside the 1967 lines make up Israel’s capital is more than an annoyance. It lends undeserved credence to the Palestinian propaganda campaign to deny the city’s Jewish heritage. It’s also an essential element of a dogma impelling the Palestinians to refuse to recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish state no matter where its borders are drawn. That’s why Israel’s friends are correct to want the U.S. to make a statement that the days of ignoring Palestinian intransigence and hatred are over.

But sometimes tactics are as important as strategy. Right now, what friends of Israel need the most is for Trump to understand the truth about Abbas and his Hamas rivals refusal to make peace. Yet by raising expectations about the embassy that are bound to be disappointed, they may hand Israel’s foes an unearned and tragically important victory.


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