WATCH: Nuclear Physicist Reveals Who’s Really Protecting Israel


Missile attack on Israel


In 1967, when the Six Day War occurred, I was 14 years old. Although I certainly was not saved by the grace and shed blood of Jesus Christ at that time I knew in my heart and mind, as well as I knew my own name and that I was left-handed, that Israel would not lose. That Israel WILL NEVER LOSE and NEVER BE DEFEATED.


There is no such a thing as “luck.” Either good or bad. Luck is an excuse, another euphemism made up by man to mask the truth further. Everything happens for a reason. Due to the choices we each make. The events unfold, the tumblers of life move, if you will, based on the way we turn the combination and then must confront and deal with the consequences.

No luck. Just life and one choice after another with consequences.

When I was 14 years old I wasn’t anything special as to why I was convinced, without so much as one grain of sands worth the doubt in my mind and heart, regarding Israel’s victory over evil. I had been raised by my parents; Goyim — Gentiles, who had become Christians and fundamentalists believing and reading the whole Bible — not just the new covenant parts, and they taught me that God was protecting Israel and always would. No matter what.

This truth was further reinforced in Bible Class study every Sunday morning prior to the regular church service that took place.

I did not grow up, or have my foundations built regarding Israel and the Jews, upon any other rock and material other than God was protecting Israel and His people and always would. Oh, pain, suffering, wars, trials would come and go as they do, but no matter what Israel would never be removed. Ever.

God’s Hands are protecting His Land, His People, and no rabid hate-filled offspring of Ishmael’s will ever defeat or destroy, or remove the land and people, of his half-brother Isaac. Ever.

The world does not see this. They walk in total darkness and complete ignorance. Oh, they may have heard about this but they refuse to believe. They turn to, and rely upon, their ignorance and world knowledge. World infused wisdom which is no knowledge or wisdom at all compared to that of God.

Shalom, and teshuah, תְּשׁוּעָה

with God and Christ.

Ken Pullen


Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

WATCH: Nuclear Physicist Reveals Who’s Really Protecting Israel

Reprinted from: United with Israel website



The only reason that Israel exists is that God is protecting His people, a world-renowned nuclear physicist concludes.

World-renowned nuclear physicist Gerald Schroeder cannot be accused of unscientific thinking.

The existence of the State of Israel, the fact that there were so few casualties from the scud missiles fired on Israel during the Gulf War, and the Israel’s stunning victory in the 1967 Six Day War all appear, on the surface, to be a stroke of luck.

When observing such apparently illogical statistics, most of Shroeder’s colleagues attribute these events to “luck.”

Schroeder, however, refuses to call it “luck”. Luck is just not a scientifically sound term. To Schroeder, the true answer is that God is protecting His people.

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