NEW LINK ADDED to ACP: National Center on Sexual Exploitation


NEW LINK ADDED to ACP: National Center on Sexual Exploitation


Since the beginning and the evil imaginings of man and woman there has been sin. Sexual perversions. Sexual exploitation of human beings. Selling of sexual relations. Sexual slavery. Sexual bondage. One of Satan’s main and best tools in destroying men and women is through sex. The dignity of men, women, and children has been continually eroded and perpetually reduced further and further. What is considered immoral and perverted continually eroded to the point where we are today — and things are only going to get worse. But each individual true believer needs to boldly speak up, speak out, and serve God in resisting and fighting back as best each of us can this growing evil, this abomination of sexual exploitation in our culture.

In our time we not only rival but surpass every vile, decadent, perverted and corrupted culture that ever existed on earth. The Romans, the Babylonians, the Sodomites, the citizens of Gomorrah, Tyre, Egypt, the Barbarians — none have anything on us when it comes to sexual exploitation, sexual perversions, sexual immorality and using, exploiting children, women and men sexually.

With the advent of the Internet, the increase in technology and electronic devices and transportation along with continuing erosion of morals and embracing every abomination and immorality under the sun over the past 50 years sexual exploitation of human beings is as it never has been on earth. Ever.

And it grows worse by the hour.

People hide from the reality of sex trafficking which is beyond epidemic in proportion in America and worldwide. Beyond comprehension the depths and degree of human sex trafficking worldwide.

Pornography is commonplace and no longer considered sinful — as in survey after survey on average 6 out of every 10 men who profess to be “Christian” also admit using pornography on a REGULAR BASIS and see no problem in doing so!

Children, women and even men are sexually exploited more by the day more by the hour.

The topic of sex is one far too many professed Christians hide from run from and deny — while they slink off to their darkened rooms to their computers and tablets and smartphones and view pornography, or even worse if such were possible — child pornography!

An organization, the leading organization fighting sexual exploitation was brought to my attention by a true believer I have known for many years.

It is time, long over due in truth, that this was addressed and added to A Crooked Path.

So now a new link appears in the right hand side sidebar on the “Home Page”.

I pray you will visit it, use it, and also as a true disciple of Christ’s do what you can, as it is measured out in you, to fight the abhorrent sins connected to sexual exploitation of human beings.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation


Thank you.

Ken Pullen


Thursday, April 6th, 2017


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