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Doll Company Unveils New Transgender Doll

Introductory comments: It is not love accepting sin and abomination. It is not being “Christ-like” to embrace that which goes against the Word of God, against the very nature created by God, and to embrace sexual perversions and abominations. It is not being “Christian” to accept and allow sexual deviancy and perversions within the church […]

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Would you take a magic marker to your Bible and cross out words from passages? — Why the King James Version of the Holy Bible is the Translation Everyone Should Turn To

Introductory comments: I cannot help but comment here. For far too long I have listened to lame and lying laments about how “I can’t understand the King James Version Bible,” or “It isn’t current, it isn’t how people talk anymore,” or that reading and speaking the text of the King James Version Holy Bible is […]

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