Gaza’s ‘Capital Mall’ Opens Amid Turbulent Economy (VIDEO)

Image result for hamas terrorist group

Image result for hamas terrorist group

They refuse to create an economy. They only know hatred of Jews and the West. Hamas controls their revenues. They do not know how to create one job or to live in peace with anyone. Yet they have resources and time to indoctrinate and teach their children to hate. To kill. Those are your “people of peace” the left bleeds for — and will literally bleed for if the left is permitted to have its way with regard to Gaza and it’s people.

Are the people of Gaza suffering? Mightily. But not at the hands of Israel or Jews. Israel provides more for the people of Gaza than does Hamas or the PLO. Think on that while you watch the short video below.

Perhaps the children of Gaza could be better reared and trained in other things than killing Jews and attempting to wipe Israel off the face of the earth — to help their own people instead? What a novel concept!

Photo caption comments by Ken Pullen, ACP


Gaza’s ‘Capital Mall’ Opens Amid Turbulent Economy  (VIDEO)




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