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Part 1 in a series


by Ken Pullen


Friday, March 3rd, 2017


I preface this piece on erosion by saying I would hope that subscribers to and frequent visitors of A Crooked Path would agree with my statement I am not a boastful or arrogant man. I am blunt, direct, and pull no punches, but do not boast of myself, and never would. There lies nothing but danger and death in personal boasting. All thanks in all things need to be given to God. My next breath is not even of my own doing let alone anything beyond or larger than that. There is no place for boasting or self elevation. What I have I have been given of God. Since a very young child I was very different than most children. I would have been labeled many things — quiet, shy, the opposite of outgoing. I was always watching and listening from my earliest recollection. Much of what we are is due to our upbringings, our familial histories and genetics, what we are surrounded by.

Much more of what we are is what God created each of us to be and have. The special gifts or traits God instilled in us. To either find or not find. To either use to serve Him, or not. He created gifts and talents in each of us and it is upon the individual to learn of those talents and gifts, where they came from, and what to do with them in order to increase them and serve the Lord.

God has blessed me with an inordinate, above average talent and gift for observation. This isn’t something developed or learned. It is either innate or it is not. And not only to be able to observe beyond a normal spectrum, but then to think on all things observed.

It is stunning how oblivious, blind, and deaf most are. To things taking place all around them all the time.

I believe I was put here for this purpose. It took many decades for me to understand the true best use of the talents and gifts given to me by God our Creator. But I now live daily to use what the Lord has given me to serve Him.

And within this I’ve also been given the gift and talent of not caring about pleasing people and appeasing them, but rather speaking boldly and bluntly the truth according to the Word of God which goes totally against the current patterns, and ways of many professing to be a Christian in these last of the last days.

Not a lot of faith based writers speak of or write of evil and the increasing spiritual disease overtaking this world. They would prefer to pretend we all live in some fantasy film, or the Beatles video, “All You Need Is Love,” and ignore all that is taking place around us.

You know by now that is not what you’ll find here.

This is a place living and working, striving in the daily hope of doing nothing more than being an instrument making the right noise for God Almighty and Jesus Christ the Lord.


A while ago when in correspondence with a subscriber I wrote the words “evil is a parasite and a cannibal,” and the reader wrote back with their thoughts on what we had been discussing. The result is distilled down to a poem posted here on ACP about a month ago titled Cannibal.

Evil is also the most sweet smelling, seductive, beguiling, alluring deadly corrosive, acidic and ERODING wind in the ears,eyes, hearts, minds, and spirits of every person on this earth.

Evils deadly winds which mold, bend, and break are infinitely more powerful and subtle than the physical winds which blew a hole in the solid rock in the photo above.

It is the easily, oh so easily misled and beguiled — fooled — deluded human heart and spirit which not only brings about this erosion but adds speed, power, and destruction to this constant evil erosion within society.

I have written with a constant thread of spiritual, moral, ethical erosion and increasing disease of all people since the inception of this place. Some might say, “Enough already, we get it, you made your point, move on!” and that thinking right there is more evidence of the subtle erosion of evil working in the hearts and minds of men and women. They now never want to hear anything they have deemed redundant, or basic, or instruction not abiding with their eroded and diseased worldview which has replaced the solid Biblical foundations of years past.

How do you think it is, how did it happen, what do you believe was at work to get us to the point where so-called professed “Christian” leaders, churches, and individuals are advocates for murdering babies? Not only permitting the sexual perversion of homosexuality but elevation and celebration of it in so-called “Christian” churches?  The inviting in and being more concerned with inclusion of false faiths such as Islam, Paganism, witchcraft, primitive tribal beliefs into the services of so-called “Christian” churches than in preaching the One True Gospel and preaching the inerrant Word of God?

How do you think it happens the inerrant Word of God is corroded, corrupted, perverted and altered to appease the ungodly, carnal selfish evil will of the people arrogant and foolish enough to call themselves “Christians” over bowing in awe, reverence, humility and obedience to the inerrant living Word of God?

This website has been in existence now for six years this month. This will be the 3,061st article published here. And I have but touched the very tip of pile of vile, stinking, evil dung caused by evils erosion.

Evil is ever so subtle and patient and cunning. And people fall for it continually, All through the day. All through the night. Most times believing there is no harm —

And the serpent said unto the woman, “Ye shall not surely die…” (Genesis 3:4).

And they bite down hard on every subtle wisp and turn of evils deadly winds.

And then when the rot, decay, death and destruction come they wail, cry out, and ask, “How could this be happening? God how can you do this to us!?”

Oh, you stupid, stupid, blind and diseased people!

If you’re willing to return here we are going to really delve into this and it is also going to be explained why all the pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking and talk of regeneration and revival are hollow words —because the erosion has gone beyond the tipping point, the stress point of preserving the weight of the mass, as the mass has been so sorely corrupted and eroded and failed following lies, fables, and every false teaching coming down the pike that in their quest to add numbers to the pews thinking if they merely throw their hands in the air and proclaim I love Jesus and believe in Him it’s a genuine revival and a genuine conversion.

Evil is a parasite and a cannibal.

Evil is also the most beautiful, seductive, acidic, corrosive eroding element on this earth.

And people rush to plunge into its deadly black abyss blind to its working daily, continually, minute by minute in every subtle thing taking place around and within them.

To be continued…


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