The Recorded Deed to Jerusalem


Introductory comments by Ken Pullen

Question for everyone out there. Wherever you live, be it America, Canada, anywhere in Europe, throughout Asia, Australia, South America — almost every where on earth when building, buying or selling property you as the buyer or seller rely strongly on accurate, legal property documents. You really want to know who legally owns the land. Are there any liens? Who really has legal possession and legal right to the property in question.

Yet when it comes to Israel? Almost everyone worldwide at this point in time doesn’t think the same precautions, legalities, rights of possession, and documentation such as deeds, liens, and historical documents on legal property ownership should apply.

Why is that folks?

Do you harbor deep within you such a loathing, such a hatred of Israel and the people of Israel you think all that should apply to you and your family — your right to self-defense, your legal rights to property deeds, the historical legal documentation for your home, your land should apply everywhere in the world EXCEPT Israel?

Why is that folks? Really?

Can you think things through? Can you see the whole picture? Do laws and truth and what is right truly matter to you, or do they only apply when you yourself or your immediate family is involved, or to people in your neighborhood, your country — but not to Israel.

What is wrong with U.S. people?

What do you think they have and do and work with in Israel? Stone tablets? Israel is as advanced, or more so than most nations on earth. They have records. Legal records. Legal documentation. Historical records.

How about we let them use them and go on with their lives as we desire others to leave us to go on with ours?

Ken Pullen


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Recorded Deed to Jerusalem


Reprinted from: The Jerusalem Post

Barkat is “politically correct” in the most positive sense of the phrase. He is also legally and historically correct. In property disputes over land ownership, lawyers search property records for deeds, liens and related issues in order to identify the real legal owner(s). They also use mandatory “discovery” to demand that the opposing party provide all relevant documents, inspections and depositions that pertain to the dispute. In the courtroom, the presiding judge determines whether the proceedings and evidence of both sides are represented in a fair and balanced way.

The Bible clearly defines ancient boundary lines. One of the oldest title deeds in the world is recorded in the Tanach, where King David purchased the future site of the Jewish Temple from Araunah the Jebusite for 600 gold shekels. David’s son, King Solomon built the First Temple on that site. There’s ample additional biblical, archeological, religious and historical evidence of Israel’s abiding connection to Jerusalem that pre-dates Palestinian claims. The Jews governed Israel for a thousand years, and lived there continuously for the past 3,300 years. According to Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs researcher Nadav Shragai, Jerusalem was the Jewish capital during that time, never a capital of any Arab or Islamic entity.

Despite Israel and the Jewish people’s deep and abiding historical, cultural and religious connection to Jerusalem, the Palestinians, who began to define themselves as a people only about 100 years ago, insist they will never sign a peace deal that does not include Israel’s surrender of East Jerusalem, including the Old City and the Temple Mount. (Under international law, this area is disputed, not “occupied.”) Meanwhile, the Palestinians continue to deny Israel’s right to exist and incite violence and terrorism against her. As Dr. Joel Fishman wrote, “It is simply not possible to build [a state] on a foundation of myth and ignorance.”

Mayor Barkat and many others rightly discerned the previous administration in Washington D.C. as being anti-Israel long before Resolution 2334 reared its ugly head. Over the past eight years the U.S. has pressured Israel to halt “illegal” Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem. In recent years Barkat slammed the Obama Administration for criticizing Israel’s plans to expand the suburb of Ma’aleh Adumim—an effort to provide affordable housing in the over-crowded capitol. “I don’t know of any city in the world whose regulator is the U.S. president,” the mayor remarked. Efrat Mayor and pro-settler leader Oded Revivi added, “Israeli building policies are set in Jerusalem, not New York.” Based on the latest news reports, it now appears that the Trump Administration are starting to sideways waffle on the topic of settlements. Let’s hope these news reports are mistaken as they so often have been.

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