TAKE ACTION NOW: Stop Physician Assisted Suicide


Our immoral apathetic evil erosion in our nation began many decades ago. In the 1960’s and really accelerated and gained traction in the 1970’s and has only increased in the degree of erosion and immorality taking place.

When we shrug, refuse to acknowledge a disease, a plague within, when we think the seeds of what are being planted will never germinate and spread we are accomplices to evil. Our hands have blood on them and filth even if we never committed a homosexual act, murdered a baby, became a heroin addict — and now assisted suicide, another great immorality against God, against nature is spreading.

All because we have permitted this erosion and when it began shrugged. Thought it was “no big deal.” Like the spread of homosexuality, Roe v Wade, drugs, progressive liberal behaviors and attitudes. Permissiveness. Lack of discipline.


And now seven states in America permit assisted-suicide as it is called. And now Washington, D.C. wants to be added to that roll.

Next? Due to our sin, our nonchalance, our permissiveness, our apathy, our lethargy, our allowing everything to erode? Euthanasia and the state will determine who dies and when.

Crippled? Mentally not like others? They label you a danger? Unstable? Not benefitting society? And you’re turned into livestock food.

It’s coming.

Make no mistake.

And why? Because of the erosion. Our lethargy. Our apathy and ignorance.

Well, here’s your chance to finally do something and stop the erosion right here and now and begin to fill the cracks and stabilize matters back to a more moral, more godly, more perfect union America…

Ken Pullen


Thursday, February 15th, 2017



TAKE ACTION NOW: Stop Physician Assisted Suicide

By: Buddy Smith
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Reprinted from: The Stand — American Family Association

“This bill must pass before February 17 in order to stop physician assisted suicide in our nation’s Capitol.”

~ Buddy Smith


Tell Congress to pass the 2016 Death with Dignity Act, H.J. Res. 27 and S.J. 4. This act, if passed by both the house and senate, will prohibit physician assisted suicide in Washington, D.C.

This bill is essential because Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser signed an Act (Act 21-577) on December 19, 2016. This act will legalize assisted suicide by granting an adult patient the right to request and receive from a physician a lethal prescription to end his or her own life.

The act was sent to Congress on January 6, 2017 for a Congressional review period of 30 days. After this review period, the law automatically goes into effect on February 17 unless Congress passes the 2016 Death with Dignity Act.

This bill must pass before February 17 in order to stop physician assisted suicide in our nation’s Capitol.

To learn more about why Congress needs to act, read this commentary written by several congressmen, two of whom are doctors who oppose physician assisted suicide.

Take action now and send a message to Congress.

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