Blood Work 2.0


Blood Work 2.0


by Ken Pullen


Wednesday, January 11th, 2017


A few days ago, Saturday, January 7th to be exact, I sat down and wrote a column titled Blood Work.

In that article I made a case that if blood were drawn and tested in a murdered human child — as we in this nation and around the world use the euphemism and sanitized word “abortion” to soothe our guilt and deny we’re murderers — that blood when tested could only prove to be human.

And no warm-blooded vertebrate being has life ever without blood.

Even the cold-hearted reptiles have blood and need it in order to live.

Thus it nullifies the whole inane diversionary tactic argument and debate of “When does life begin?” which is used by the proponents of murdering the youngest of our offspring on a daily basis — and having taxpayers pay for these millions of murders as seen here on the  Real Time Number of Abortions Counter  now reaching OVER 59,706,345, as I sit writing this,  since Roe v Wade was enacted making murder — lawlessness lawful in America in 1973.

It’s in the blood.


Why would we have the phrase for centuries, the cliché of “life blood” if blood did not instantly and assuredly connote without it there is no life!?

One serious omission on my part in the article I wrote last Saturday — when does blood show up in a human baby? A human embryo?

Below is a small little video of a beating heart in a human baby alive and growing in its mothers womb. That human baby, when this little video clip was taken was 3 weeks and 1 day old.

embryonic heartbeat

Figure 4.2 – Heartbeat
Red blood cells flow through early blood vessels in the embryo’s first working body system.
The Biology of Prenatal Development DVD


The above information and video clip can be found on the website Endowment for Human Development.


Human blood, a human heart is known to exist in human babies in their mothers wombs between the 3rd and 4th weeks. Within one month of being conceived they have human blood and a human beating heart within them.


If this isn’t life what is?


And human mating with humans and conceiving offspring only produce other human beings. God in His infinite wisdom created all living things so they could not reproduce cross-species. I realize some will debate this, thinking, or saying, well, a German Shepherd can mate with a Poodle and produce puppies!


Yeah, dog to dog. But a cat and a dog cannot mate and produce offspring. Not without mad, insatiable science of man involved, if it were possible, and I put nothing past the human drive to attempt to make themselves into gods attempting to create life, alter life — it has been happening for decades now and in truth science is very, very close to accomplishing this evil deed.


But a wise, compassionate, all-knowing God would never do such a horrendous and dangerous thing to creation or life on earth. Only evil, vain, egotistical men and women with god complexes would do such heinous things.


I realize these two articles will not work to repeal Roe v Wade and end the slaughter — and make no mistake it is sheer slaughter of human children — if you are familiar, or were familiar with the tactics, techniques, and real life day to day procedures to murder living children in their mothers wombs you, too, could only come to using the word — SLAUGHTER — in describing what takes place THOUSANDS OF TIMES EVERY WEEK in America. And has since 1973. Almost 60,000,000 and counting.


Can you even begin to conceive and grasp what Judgment Day will be like as a result of our deeds? Can you really? Perhaps it is finally time to consider and take to heart — because Judgment Day is rapidly approaching and nothing will escape Christ’s judgment of every soul.


And you sincerely expect America to prosper and become better, our best days lie ahead of U.S. yet while we continue to murder our youngest by the millions? While we make the laws lawlessness? While we praise, worship and elevate immorality? While we not only murder our youngest by the millions, but now we add to our judgment by placing a stamp of approval, again making the law lawlessness and worshipping immorality in making homosexual and lesbian “marriage” now legal in all 50 states?


Woe to U.S.


Woe to us all.


For Judgment Day swiftly approaches and no one will be able to look the Lord in the eye and offer up an excuse, for we grow worse and more evil and further from God by each passing hour!


Revival? Let it begin now with the individual reading this.


When does life begin?


Shouldn’t ever be a question asked. Only question asked ought to be, “How could we have turned from God and His Word to become so lost, so evil to allow what we have, what we do?”





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